[TMHNC]: Champion of September Online Qualifier: Eclipse

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Published on Tuesday, 02 October 2012 17:51


Guns blazing and the ringing sound of metal clashing, the TMHNC qualifiers goes on with teams at each throats as the Grand Finals approaches there aren't many chances left to qualify. A congratulate note to Team Eclipse for taking home the grand prize of RM10,000 on the 29th & 30th Online qualifier. They took the crowd by surprise with their usage of a very common Hero in public games but not competitive, Scout. Not to worry Team GuC, I'm pretty sure your time to rise is coming soon! 

Game 1: GuC vs E

GuC vs E 1Bans                   : Jeraziah, Armadon, Pebbles, Tundra, Draconis, Ophelia, Tempest, Magmus


Team GuC         : Moon Queen, Fayde, Aluna, Pollywog Priest, Plague Rider

Team Eclipse    : Scout, Wretched Hag, Glacius, Bubbles, Witch Slayer


The game started off with a blast at the 9.40 minute mark where GuC attempted to firstblood Witch Slayer & Wretched Hag on the middle with Plague Rider, Pollywog Priest & Aluna though it almost resulted with a dead hag whom was able to Flash of Darkness away in the nick of time with 10 hitpoints remaining. A revenge attempt by Team Eclipse onto Plague Rider at the 11th minute mark but backfire when there just wasn't enough damage output in time by the Scout's Poison shot & Graveyard from Witch slayer, Team GuC quickly responded with Pollywog Priest & Moon Queen teleporting to the top lane to assist Plague Rider's Escape and took the firstblood by taking a very late to the party Glacius. Scout and Moon Queen had similar farming rate when Capt'Arsenal from Team Eclipse opted for an early Battlefury to keep up with Moon Queen's bouncing glaive jungle farm.

Situations slowly degraded for Team GuC when they started making bad calls and position placement which Team Eclipse took advantage from; a good example was the tower push race at the 20th minute mark where GuC attempted to take the top tower & Eclipse returning the favor by taking the bottom tower; with the top tower down, all GuC members teleported towards the outer bottom lane tower hoping to defend it but instead it gave the Wretched Hag a good opportunity to set up an entire team Bat Blast to the face which scored Eclipse their first Genocide in game. At a gold & experience total disadvantage, GuC suffered a slow process defeat where the game ended at the 38 Minute mark with a team clash just after Eclipse had gotten the Kongor kill. GuC suffered another genocide & they decided it was time to call it a “ GG “.

Game 2: GuC vs E

GuC vs E Game 2Bans                  :  Ophelia, Draconis, Tundra, Pebbles, Moraxus, Tempest, Jeraziah, Armadon


Team GuC        :  Moon Queen, Forsaken Archer, Aluna, Hammerstorm, Wretched Hag

Team Eclipse   :  Glacius, Magebane, Pollywog Priest, Bubbles, Fayde


Unlike the first game, Game two started off with a very aggressive pace by Team Eclipse taking the first blood at the 37th second mark into the start off phase, unfortunate for GuC 's Moon Queen getting caught by 5 enemy members at the bottom side jungle. GuC took a revenge kill onto Glacius at the topside with a hammer stun followed up with the continuous lockdown process from the Forsaken archer's ensnaring volley and Aluna's emerald beam. At the 9th minute mark the score has already reached an eventide of 6 to 6. 

Kill counts were being constantly raked in by both sides, both teams are not looking to drag the game for too long in terms of late game disadvantage for Team Eclipse is Team GuC having 2 hard carries which would be Forsaken Archer & Moon Queen; for Team GuC 's disadvantage would be having Magebane utterly farmed for Eclipse side would prove a challenge to catch later on in-game. 

At the 18th minute mark, GuC were leading in kills on 15 – 10; unlike the first game, GuC now has the strong advantage in total Gold & Experience earned with a really farmed Forsaken Archer having a Geometer's bane. 

The game quickly gone downhill for Team Eclipse at the 25th minute mark where Magebane was caught with his pants down at the bottom lane by the entire GuC team leading into a chain reaction which also caused the death of Glacius; the ordeal gave Forsaken Archer his well-deserved Shrunken Head. Shortly, GuC decided to push through the Final Tier tower of Eclipse in the middle but things backfired easily having Pollywog Priest trapping the Moon Queen in his plethora of wards there was no way she could escape from her in-pending death. Having recovered from their 4 deaths to 3 kills experience at the Eclipse middle side, GuC went in headstrong again determined to push down the middle tower and this time succeeded very well in the attempt with a 1 : 4 death ratio against the defending Team Eclipse; the push scored GuC both middle and the bottom side barracks pushing Eclipse further toward the back.

Barely having any ability to defend against a top tower push by GuC members and their creeps practically knocking at their doorstep at the 34th minute mark, Team Eclipse decided to throw in the towel after having a final stand defense and taking it to game 3.   

Game 3: GuC vs E

Guc vs E 3Bans                   : Wretched Hag, Aluna, Darconis, Tempest, Armadon, Tundra, Pebbles, Jeraziah


Team GuC         : Moraxus, Glacius, Hammerstorm, Forsaken Archer, Emerald Warden

Team Eclipse    : Nymphora, Pollywog Priest, Moon Queen, Bubbles, Fayde


Game 3 ended up with a little swap-a-roo on heroes side Moon Queen moving from GuC to Eclipse and Glacius vice versa. Similar to the Game 1, the match started off with a very static & safe farming gameplay mostly due to how it is the deciding game on whether they will be crowned Champions or nothing at all.

Firstblood was awarded to GuC for catching Fayde off-guard thus putting them ahead in the start of the game at the 5.44 Minute Mark. Team Eclipse picked up the paced quickly, at the 15th minute mark they started to lead in-terms of kills & Moon Queen picked up her Whispering helm and Shrunken Head at the 18th minute mark compared to Emerald Warden and Forsaken Archer not having any major items picked up yet; Team Eclipse is using Moon Queens farming capability to it's fullest of extends.

Team Eclipse quicken their pace after the 20th minute mark knowing it was their current time to shine by disabling all of Team GuC 's outer defensive turrets. A team clash of both teams at the bottom hellbourne tower side while GuC was attempting a push turned ugly for them as 3 of their members drop instantaneously to Eclipse for a 3 to nothing exchange, only Forsaken Archer and Emerald Warden were able to escape from that ordeal.

Things are beginning to look grim for GuC 's side as Eclipse was pressing on the offense towards the Legion middle inner tower after taking down Kongor, succeeded in damaging it slightly but the attack was repelled by GuC for a 3 to 3 kill exchange at the 30th minute mark. 7 Minutes after their most recent offense, Eclipse decided to attempt a middle push thus clashing into the defensive team; GuC successfully took down 4 Eclipse members having Forsaken Archer and Emerald Warden remaining at less than half health to take on a quarter HP Moon Queen seem suicidal especially when she still has her Symbol of Rage unused even at a 2 v 1 the Moon Queen would have won. 

Eclipse layed down an entrapment at the Kongor position at the 39th minute mark for GuC and successfully caught Forsaken Archer, Emerald Warden and Hammerstorm thus instantly having the Nymphora teleporting her towards the undefended middle side barracks to get their 1st barracks kill down which ultimately lead to their victory in the next few minutes.

Congratulations to Team Eclipse and hopefully on Team GuC to see you at the next qualifier.

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