[V2.6.21] Patch Notes!

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Published on Tuesday, 02 October 2012 10:47

Dear Heroes,

There will be a Game Client Patch v2.6.21 on 3rd October 2012, 0700 hrs - 0959 hrs (GMT +8).
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time.
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*


New Hero and its Alt Avatar:

(Check out the new Hero's Spotlight here!)


Mr Tickle

mr tickle





New Collector's Edition Avatar:


New Alt Avatar:
Pirate Gunblade

 Pirate Gunblade1


New Alt Avatar:
Karabas Barabas

karabas barabas1 



New Alt Avatar:
Futbol Bubbles


futbol bubbles



New Alt Avatar:
Bone Behemoth

bone behemoth



Version 2.6.21
== New Content ==

Added new Early Access Hero: Solstice
Among the tribes of the moon, there lives an elite caste of warriors. Like Krixi, the Moon Queen, these women draw their power from the rays of Lunari. As children of the Moon Goddess, the rays of Sol burn their flesh and forces them to construct a vessel to channel Lunari's might during the day. The magicks used were so potent that only a chosen warrior, born in perfect balance between light and darkness, could harness its vast power by being forever bonded to her armor. The armor serves as a disguise to men and beasts who would would take advantage of her during the day, masking both her power and gender. In the night, the chosen can retake her true form and strike from the shadows, free from her confining shell. Be it through strength by day or stealth by night, Solstice, the Lady of Lunari, stands ready to show her enemies what power truly is.

Solstice changes her role from a more tanky, team-fight presence during the day, to an agile ganker during the night. Look for ways to setup your ultimate from outside of enemy's vision range in order to deal the maximum damage!

Added new Limited Edition Early Access Solstice Alt Avatar: Mr. Tickles
In the darkened streets of the City of Iron, there are rumors of a killer stalking the women of Newerth. This insidious predator hides behind a veneer of gentlemanly graciousness in the evening hours and truly despises the actions that he must take to quell the horrific urges that tear at the back of his mind. The promise of relief led the brilliant, deranged man to craft a potion to heal himself. While it took away the urge to kill, it transformed him into a brute during the day, desperately striving for acceptance, but attacked by the townsfolk who see and fear him as a Hellbourne demon. With neither day nor night to bring him respite all he can do is laugh. And the last things his victims will ever hear is, "Don't worry, this will just tickle a bit..."

Added new Premium Solstice Alt Avatar: Duel
The Justicar had tracked the Assassin for weeks and finally had found his lair. Alone, he should have called for assistance, but he could not risk letting the demonborn bastard escape yet again. As he entered the building the full moon in the night sky began to be eclipsed, a once in a millennium event. The Justicar broke down the door, surprising the brutal killer as he prepared his blade. The assassin fled for the rooftops to escape, but the lawman bore down on him swiftly. On the roof of the building they locked into combat. In a fair fight the Justicar had the advantage of reach and armor and quickly cut the assassin down. He barely noticed the small nick from the assassin's blade on his cheek. The poison went quickly to work and although the half-demon lay dieing next to him, the Justicar fell to his knees, gasping for air. Both warriors fought to hold on to the last vestiges of life, but it faded from them just as the moon became fully eclipsed. As their souls sought release at that exact same moment, they became entwined in one another, and the neither Heaven nor Hell would grant them access. Forced back to Newerth the found themselves alive once again, but just as their souls had intertwined, so had their bodies. With the Justicar in charge in the day and the Assassin at night, they will forever be in conflict, Dual selves locked in an eternal Duel.

The 7 Deadly Sins Collector's Edition Series Continues!
7 unique Deadly Sins Avatars are set to release over the course of 7 weeks
Collecting all 7 Deadly Sins Avatars will bestow a unique in-game effect on each of the 7 Deadly Sins Avatars!

The Seventh Deadly Sin: Gluttony
Added a new Collector's Edition Devourer Avatar: Gluttony
The Grimoire found the embodiment of Gluttony on Newerth... Devourer! He lives to consume the flesh of the fallen...and the living...and when that's done Gluttony will have all of Newerth for dessert!
Scheduled to be released on 3rd October 2012

Added a new Puppet Master Alt Avatar: Karabas Barabas
The Puppetmaster from Russian folklore has invaded Newerth! In Russian Newerth Karabas Barabas is pulling all the strings! His lines are all in Russian and this avatar was designed by our friends in CIS Garena and will be released in both regions at the same time!
Scheduled to be released on 10th October 2012

Added a new Bubbles Alt Avatar: Futbol Bubbles
This amazing new Bubbles avatar has found inner peace and a great way to compete off the field, as a member of the Newerth Futbol team! His new animations and effects will leave your enemies in the grass and you screaming "GOAL!!" as your kill streaks continue!
Scheduled to be released on 5th October 2012

Added a new Gunblade Alt Avatar: Pirate Gunblade
Hailing from the Sea of Stars and raiding the coastlines of Newerth comes the fiercest Buccaneer to ever sail the seas! 
Scheduled to be released on 5th October 2012

Added a new Behemoth Alt AvatarBone Behemoth

To start our Month of Monstrous Mayhem off on the right foot come this amazing new Behemoth Avatar! When Behemoths die legend says they converge in the Behemoth Graveyard to find their eternal peace. When a Behemoth is not able to make that journey their restless spirits can animate their unliving husk and lash out at those who block their path!
Scheduled to be released on 8th October 2012

== General ==

If you have purchased all 7 Deadly Sins, you will now have their Collector's Edition effects enabled on all of your Collector's Edition avatars