[TMHNC]: Champion of K.L. Offline Qualifier 2: Auto

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Published on Wednesday, 10 October 2012 13:48

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Only 3 more qualifiers to go till the biggest prized Heroes of Newerth playoffs courtesy of Garena! A congratulatory note to Team Auto for taking grabbing the title of Qualifier Champion with a hefty prize of RM10,000 away from Team GuC; yet again Team GuC on the 1st runner-up placing, no worries GuC I’m pretty sure your time will come real soon. The qualifier started with an explosion of contestants which showed up at Orange Cybercafe Wangsa Maju.


GuC vs Auto


Banned Heroes: Fayde, Draconis, Ophelia, Tundra, Moraxus, Pebbles, Jereziah, Silhouette

Team GuC      : Deadwood, Behemoth, Dark Lady, Aluna, Bubbles
Team Auto      : Glacius, Moon Queen, Scout, Pollywog Priest, Magmus


The game started off with an attempt by GuC to sneak all 5 of their members into the Legion side bottom forest to catch any unfortunate soul whom may be scouting the jungle, but it turned out unfruitful and GuC walked away returning to their designated planned lanes. At the 2.21 minute mark, bloodlust was drawn by Deadwood taking down a very sad Pollywog Priest with the help of Aluna, Magmus whom was nearby could not make it in time to assist Pollywog’s escape.


Team Auto responded with a revenge kill at the 5.10 minute mark when Glacius spotted Bubbles hiding in the woods at the bottom lane resulting Bubbles to get jumped on by the already present Moon Queen after being encased in ice by Glacius. The score however at the time was in favour of Team GuC whom had a 552g advantage in money against Team Auto but the game is still early to be decided. The game went on with a solid farm rate from both sides and exchange of kills,  but Team GuC fell short at the 14minute mark when Deadwood miscalculated his damage resulting in a failed attempt to kill off a Magmus whom was stunned by the Behemoth Fissure got himself killed instead when he blinked too far into the enemy lines, the score was 8 to 5 with Team Auto now in the driver seat of the game. 30 minutes into the game Team Auto’s Moon Queen was rocking on a Shrunken head, Null stone & a Dancing Blade making her Bouncing attacks nearing it’s top most potency while Dark Lady for Team GuC side had a Frostburn, Runed Cleaver and was half way through her Shrunken head which is the key item for their engagements; absolutely pointless for an engage when your carry is gonna be blasted to kingdom come by spells right of the bat before being able to do any damage. At the 36 minute mark, Team Auto decided it was time to end the game and launched a full scale assault at the bottom lane towards the Hellbourne GuC side, the favor went towards Team Auto resulting in 2 Barracks kills severing GuC’s vital points. A quick Kongor kill by Team Auto at the 37 minute mark just sweetened the deal on their victory. Team GuC whom was not ready to give in to peer pressure decided to counter attack with a march on the middle lane towards Auto’s base but resulted in them getting ambushed by a well placed Magmus surf stun. Team GuC attempted to sneak a Kongor at 48 minute mark but failed resulting in the death of their support Aluna. Finally, the game came to at end at the 60 minute mark where Team Auto decided to just dance around allowing their creeps to push in and finish off the Hellbourne main structure.


 Guc vs auto2


Banned Heroes: Moraxus, Draconis, Fayde, Ophelia, Jereziah, Moon Queen, Pollywog Priest,


Team GuC         : Armadon, Magmus, Silhouette, Aluna, Tundra
Team Auto         : Behemoth, Magebane, Forsaken Archer, Wretched Hag, Glacius


Jumping into game 2, Team Auto on the Legion side placing Magebane on the bottom solo lane, a Tri-lane of Forsaken Archer, Behemoth & Glacius on the top side and Wretched Hag respectively on her middle lane; GuC responded with a top solo Armadon, mid lane Tundra and a Tri-lane of Magmus, Silhouette & Aluna on the bottom side. Unlike Magebane, Armadon is able to farmed under the pressure of being pressed down by 3 enemy players. Bloodlust was drawn this time by Team Auto with a Hasty Behemoth combo up with the Hag taking the kill onto Tundra setting the midlaner for Team GUC back by a fair bit given the fact that he is a Melee Based hero taking on a Ranged Blaster.


A gank attempt by GuC at the 4.30 minute mark which failed due to the quick responsiveness of Team Auto lead to a solo kill of Silhouette by Magebane at the bottom side putting their score to 2 nil; things definitely does not look good for GuC at the moment. Finally at the 5.30 minute mark GuC took a revenge on Glacius which also happens to be their first kill of the 2nd game on the top lane with a succession of stun combinations by Magmus and Aluna, they obtained their 2nd kill at the 6.10 minute mark when Silhouette decided it's her time to be the bully instead and took her revenge on Magebane securing a sweet 1:1 kill ratio; Magebane not being happy about the fact he got taken down so easily decided to teleport back quickly to the bottom with the help of Glacius attempted a gank on Silhouette out of sheer rage which backfired quickly in his death when Aluna & Magmus came to aid Silhouette “wham, bam thank you maam” which what Silhouette would have said for the 2nd kill.


The game went into a constant exchange of kills of both sides, though it was still too early to decide a victor the game was moving towards Auto's side in terms of Total Experience & Gold obtained. Unfortunately for Armadon & Magebane, they were both on the top lane farming their  Behemoth's Hearts out chipping each others HP down bit by bit missing majority of the fun on the bottom lane. 17 minutes into the game and Team Auto is leading with 2 tower kills to none for GUC side, things are starting to look grim for GuC if they do not obtain those objectives soon.


At the 25th minute mark, a very unusual build by Armadon not having his boots even though its been a little too long into the game finally played his ace of spades by putting out a Behemoth's Heart putting his maximum HP to 2.3k at level 13, the concern at this point is Team GuC able to capitalize on Armadon's sneaky Behemoth's heart?


Team AUTO knowing its a futile effort to take GuC on head to head due to Armadon's tankiness decided to pull out a split push strategy while Magebane & Wretched Hag whom each posses an escape mechanism distracts the crowd, the rest of the team tries to push in. Silhouette of team GuC responded with the same tactic however his endeavour proved to be more successful by taking down 2 tower on the bottom side while Team AUTO has yet to with any Tier 3 towers at the 34 minute mark, kills were still constantly being exchanged at an even rate.


Finally at the 37th minute mark, even with all that toughness it does not make up for the carelessness of Team GuC's Armadon whom got pounced by the entire hero pool of Team Auto on the bottom side where their tier 2 Hellbourne tower used to be at; it resulted in the termination of the entire GuC team other than the Magmus whom managed to escape the clutches of team AUTO, Team GUC lost their bottom side & middle lane barracks in that ordeal.


Things were definitely looking Grim for Team GUC and they decided in their final stand & Attempt a push through the middle side single file march into the Legion territory. Unfortunately for Team GuC, they repeated their Game 1 mistake where they got ambushed again by Team Auto on the middle lane while trying to push down the Legion Tier 2 tower resulted in their carries dying off too soon, in light of the recent events team Auto took the advantage and pushed towards the last remaining non-throne tower taking it down and almost killing the melee barracks but didn't quite succeed; though it really didn't matter, with Team GuC's hamstring severed they had to commit their supports and tanks to remain and defend lacking the mobility of Team Auto.


The game finally came to at end at the 43rd minute mark where Team Auto engaged on 4 of Team GuC's members lacking the Silhouette in a very even battle but Magebane took the opportunity to push down the barracks and got the objectives.

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Congratulations to Team Auto for winning the qualifiers thus securing themselves a seat towards the grand finals taking place at the Garena Carnival. 

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