[TMHNC]: Schedule and Brackets for August Online Qualifier

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Published on Tuesday, 04 September 2012 12:41

In this upcoming August Online Qualifier, there will be a total of 32 teams participating. The brackets for TMHNC August Online Qualifier have now been released thus participating teams please refer to the TOURNAMENT section to view them. It is hence recommended that all competing teams should be aware and informed of the set of Tournament Rules given for this qualifier.

On-day team attendance will be taken at 9:00am. All team captains are required to join channel "TeamAttendance" at 9.00AM for your team attendance, and team members are required to report themselves in the respective channel according to the allocated game time for each team. Players are advised to get ready earlier before the game starts. Please be reminded also that you will have to check the brackets and schedule below. 

A more detailed schedule has been listed out below as to when your team is playing. All players are to be in their respective channels at the allocated time, failing to do so may resolve in a disqualification of your team. Please be reminded to read through and understand the rules & regulations again!

Please CLICK the banner below for Brackets.


Team vs Team Channel Time to join channel  Game Starts 
SoMD vs E|xt (Winner as Do1)   TMHNC1 9.45AM                        10:00AM
Doc vs RPPC  TMHNC2 9.45AM 10:00AM
wf vs MDvD  TMHNC3 9.45AM 10:00AM
KndR vs AxE  TMHNC4 9.45AM 10:00AM
IFAE vs MIW  TMHNC5 9.45AM 10:00AM
Clov vs Mys  TMHNC6 9.45AM 10:00AM
B2ST vs Trol      TMHNC1 10:45AM 11:00AM
La5t vs SkPp  TMHNC2 10:45AM 11:00AM
Tak vs CWB  TMHNC3 10:45AM 11:00AM
10:45AM 11:00AM
Ao3 vs 4Min  TMHNC5 10:45AM 11:00AM
Tmxs vs BHMY  TMHNC1  11:45AM 12:00PM 
GIFT vs FMA  TMHNC2 11:45AM 12:00PM
IDLE vs E  TMHNC3 11:45AM 12:00PM
WHO vs AiTK  TMHNC4 11:45AM 12:00PM
1800 vs mkbk  TMHNC5 11:45AM 12:00PM
Do1 vs MIRI            TMHNC6 11:45AM  12:00PM 

If you require any further information regarding this tournament, kindly head over to our FAQ section. For further discussion, please click HERE

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to send an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact 0123948223/ 0322823493.