Launch of the New HoN Forums

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Published on Tuesday, 04 September 2012 12:20

Launch of the New HoN Forums

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After months of hard work and reviews, we at Garena are pleased to unveil the new HoN Forums! We have looked into every feedback from each and every one of you and feasible ones are being implemented.

The forum is now a place where you can spend your whole day scrolling about, be it looking for new contents, asking enquiries or even find a clan! Below are the changes that we have implemented into the new forums!

1. Awards System (Coming Soon...)
2. New look
3. Monthly Forum Events
4.  Forum Re-structure

Here are sections with descriptions of their general usage for your information!

Events and Promotions

Keep updated about Garena Heroes of Newerth's latest events and promotions here! Participate in HoN's monthly forum events and stand chances to win Silver coins, lots of'em!

Livestreams & VODs

Players can now advertise their HoN channels. Your livestreams can now finally be viewed by people all around easier with just a post of a thread, informing people roaming in the forums with your movements!

Scrimmage Board

A section that benefits clans and teams. Looking for scrimming opponents can never be easier with this new section in the forums. Just post a thread and attend to people's reply, play a part in the competitive scene and bring yourself to light! Hurry up, grab your teams and start HoNing your skills!

Clan Events

Ever had an event specially for your clan but couldn't get in proper contact with your clan mates?
This new section now promotes clan leader and officers to post their events here, discussion and also to get in contact with your clan mates of course!

Balance & Mechanics

A new patch and you're unsure of the consequence? Get opinions and helps or even to discuss new patch updates regarding HoN Balance and Mechanics. Talking about game in-depth is now more interesting, isn't it?

Training Ground

Still new to newerth? Or rather, believe you need more practice? Hop on the section here and request for help, or even find yourself a mentor to get yourself into a good shape!


Voice out to S2Games and let them know your unique ideas! Improve the game by providing suggestions on future Heroes, Avatars and even items! Put on your thinking cap, creativity starts now.

Hall of Fame / Replays

Annihiliation? Double Annihiliation? Show off your games and post your replays here! Flaunt to people in the community with your achievement and attain the attention you deserve!


Modify your game, make your game look nicer with Modifications. Change your interface and completely work your way around Heroes of Newerth! It's like playing a brand new game, but even better!

Support & Feedback

Bugged in real life, ask yourself. Bugged in Heroes of Newerth, ask the forums! Specially dedicated to players who encounters problem with their clients and be answered with official answers in a swift! Moderators and GameMasters are here to help!

Forums Feedback

Feel free to drop some feedback regarding the new forums and help us improve for the better! We need more feedback to ensure the forums are perfect for everyone's use!

What are you waiting for?
Get your keyboards and mouse ready, forums will be loaded with heavy traffic soon!

Access the forums here by clicking here!