Ice, Iron & Gold Wipe! 31st August!

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Published on Friday, 31 August 2012 00:00

20120830 bonus 416x230

In celebration of Hari Merdeka, we have the following promotions lined up for you guys!


We'll be having a 30% Bonus Gold Coins & 25% Store Wide Gold Discount* (31st August - 3rd September).

Take this chance to your advantage to get more than what you bargained for!

20120830 free 416x230


WE LOVE FREE STUFFS! For every 3,000 gold coins spent between 31st August 2012 - 2nd September 2012, you will have the Icy Deadwood Avatar!


ICY Deadwood

Icy Deadwood


 PLUS! What's more.....

if you spend 4,000 Gold Coins between 31st August 2012 - 2nd September 2012, you'll be entitled to BOTH the Iron Flux and Icy Deadwood Avatar!


Iron flux

Iron Flux

20120830 access 480x160


We will be reopening Limited/Holiday/Early Access/Golden Avatars too!

3rd Sep, 10am GMT+8 till 4th Sep 10am GMT+8

Gladius Beardicus

Gladius Beardicus 

24 hours only!

What are you waiting for! Grab these now! Don't miss such a good deal especially with the Gold Bonus on!


*Discount will ONLY be for Items/Heroes that were released more than 2 months ago.

* Icy Deadwood and Iron Flux will be given away by 10th September.