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Published on Wednesday, 01 August 2012 00:00


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In the first of this 8 weeks special countdown to (possibly) the #1 catchphrase in Garena HoN history, we proudly present to you this new series, Prize or Price! Bringing up the contestants from all regions, we have come up with 8 teams, thrown out to clash it out in aBest-of-Three format featuring the crowd's favourite map - The Mid Wars Map where the Winner of this round will be granted $50USD and a direct seed to the next week's knockout round! 

Here's the twist. The teams will then proceed to "The Price" where we have decided to make it a little more interesting by throwing in a little something to stir up waters a bit. Unlike the usual midwars, this time round we will be adding "in-game" bonuses! With each bonus, will be tied a certain amount of money where the winner will get to take home. In each round, teams will be allowed to pick ONE out of the FOUR avaliable bonus in the "Price Category". However, teams will only be able to keep the additional bonus cash IF they were to win the overall BO3 match.  Failure to gain victory will cause them to lose it all.

On top of that, an additional $50USD will be thrown in to the winner who managed to hold on the spot consecutively for 2 weeks or more per week! In Week #8, the first 2 teams will then fight it out for a lumpsum of either $300USD for First Place or $200USD for Second in a Best-Of-Three Mid Wars Game! Mark it down on your calendar starting this 3rd of August, on every Friday, 8pm we will be covering this event LIVE on the official Garena live stream page! 

HEADER The Prize

A Grand Pool Prize of $2000 USD to be Won! Plus of course, the bonuses that we will be throwing in on top of the basic $50 USD per winning game!

Will the teams take or not take the risk? Let's find out!

HEADER This Week

To start off, we will have th NeolutionE-Sport.HoN (NE0) vs ph Let Your Money Talk (LYMT)* !

Catch them as they go all into this series! Will they be able to Hold the Line?


 my Malaysia: Orange Esports (ORGE)
ph Philippines: Let Your Money Talk (LYMT)
vn Vietnam: Highlight (HaiL)
th Thailand: NeolutionE-Sport.HoN (NE0) & LenGames (LG)
id Indonesia: Impossible is Nothing (Ipin)
sg Singapore: Team Impunity (iMp)
au Oceanic: Team Tt Esports (TTeS)

HEADER The Price

This will be the Bonus Categories that the Team will be able to choose from! Captains will roll for first pick and get a chance to collect all these extra points for cash! Choose wisely though, as they might be the Prize or the Price. 

SUB Hero Lock

Bonus Worth: $20 USD

Criteria: Teams  who have chosen this will have to choose heroes only from within the given Hero Category during the Week. (For Example: All Stun-Hero Category) Please note that within EACH Hero Category, there will be an individual set of game rules/item restrictions.


SUB Time Breakerr

Bonus Worth: $10 USD

Criteria: Teams have to WIN the game BEFORE 15 minutes.

SUB No Runes

Bonus Worth: $10 USD

Criteria: Team will be forbidden to have any Runes throughout the game.

SUB Annihilation

Bonus Worth: $20 USD

Criteria: Team must be able to obtain at least ONE Annihilation during the game.


 HEADER Livestream

Find out this week as Garena will be bringing you 

the LIVE cast of this battle HERE at 8pm (+8 GMT)!

HEADER Results




*Please note that all teams have been randomly selected for their running order and brackets.


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