Free Hero List on 27 July 2012

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Published on Thursday, 26 July 2012 18:12

Free Heroes have been increased from a pool of 20 to 30 permanently! Out of the pool, 15 heroes from the previous week will remain in the list and the other 15 will be updated every week so as to let you guys have more time to mingle with the list of free heroes! Hurray?! :)


And from this moment on, the Free Hero List will include 10 of each attributes, i.e. STR, AGI and INT.


Engineer 48 48Engineer
Zephyr 48 48Zephyr
Shadowblade 48 48Shadowblade
Slither 48Slither
artillery hero 48Artillery
Arachna 48Arachna
draconis 48 48Draconis
Fayde 48 48Fayde
Sand Wraith 48 48Sand Wraith
Martyr 48 48Martyr
Ophelia 48 48Ophelia
Rhapsody 48 48Rhapsody
Vodoo Jester 48 48Voodoo Jester
Defiler 48 48Defiler
Nymphora 48 48Nymphora
Soul Reaper 48Soul Reaper
Vindicator 48 48Vindicator
Wretched Hag 48 48Wretched Hag
artesia 48 48Artesia
Kraken 48 48Kraken
Legionnare 48 48Legionnaire
Flux 48 48Flux
Drunken Master 48 48Drunken Master
Pharaoh 48 48Pharaoh
Tundra 48Tundra
Rampage 48 48Rampage
Pebbles 48 48Pebbles
Keeper of the Forest 48Keeper of the Forest
Cthulhuphant 48 48Cthulhuphant