[TMHNC]: Schedule for July Online Qualifier

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Published on Thursday, 19 July 2012 20:21

In this upcoming July Online Qualifier, there will be a total of 48 teams participating. The brackets for TMHNC JULY Online Qualifier have now been released thus participating teams please refer to the TOURNAMENT section to view them. It is hence recommended that all competing teams should be aware and informed of the set of Tournament Rules given for this qualifier.

On-day team attendance will be taken at 9:00am. All team captains are required to join channel "TeamAttendance" at 9.00AM for your team attendance, and team members are required to report themselves in the respective channel according to the allocated game time for each team. Players are advised to get ready earlier before the game starts. Please be reminded also that you will have to check the brackets and schedule below. 

A more detailed schedule has been listed out below as to when your team is playing. All players are to be in their respective channels at the allocated time, failing to do so may resolve in a disqualification of your team. Please be reminded to read through and understand the rules & regulations again!

Please CLICK the banner below for Brackets.


Team vs Team Channel Time to join channel  Game Starts 
Triple Octofinals      
Worship IDLE vs Guilty Crown (Winner as T1) TMHNC1 9.45AM                        10:00AM
DoG Is dOg vs Mfix Republic (Winner as T2) TMHNC2 9.45AM 10:00AM
RandoM HeroeS vs Noob Roles (Winner as T3) TMHNC3 9.45AM 10:00AM
Team EpicFail Gaming vs YakuzaKL (Winner as T4) TMHNC4 9.45AM 10:00AM
PussyCatDolls vs U Are Suck (Winner as T5) TMHNC5 9.45AM 10:00AM
Team Paranormal Pig Gaming vs Eclipse (Winner as T6) TMHNC6 9.45AM 10:00AM
Excuse Me vs WanSheng (Winner as T7)   TMHNC1 10:45AM 11:00AM
Dynasty Gaming vs Sound Of My Dream (Winner as T8) TMHNC2 10:45AM 11:00AM
Edu.NTS vs Anon (Winner as T9) TMHNC3 10:45AM 11:00AM
Microsoft GOV vs Missing In Action (Winner as T10) TMHNC4
10:45AM 11:00AM
Kondor vs We are Young (Winner as T11) TMHNC5 10:45AM 11:00AM
Sky Pro Player vs Organization 13 (Winner as T12) TMHNC6 10:45AM 11:00AM
MiloIce vs NewcomeR (Winner as T13) TMHNC1 11:45AM 12:00PM
MacamYesBoys vs sorry we are pro (Winner as T14) TMHNC2 11:45AM 12:00PM
makan budak vs Clan The Front of Arnament (Winner as T15)   TMHNC3 11:45AM 12:00PM
Team A Station vs AneX (Winner as T16) TMHNC4 11:45AM 12:00PM
MusT GaminG vs T1 (Winner as Q1) TMHNC5 11:45AM 12:00PM
Ice Fox Gaming vs T2  (Winner as Q2) TMHNC6 11:45AM 12:00PM
Lunch Break     1:00 PM 
Double-Octofinals (Cont.)      
Yakisoba Esport vs T3 (Winner as Q3) TMHNC1
1:45PM 2:00PM
arrow in the knee vs T4 (Winner as Q4) TMHNC2
1:45PM 2:00PM
hihi vs T5 (Winner as Q5) TMHNC3 1:45PM  2:00PM
EXAM vs T6 (Winner as Q6) TMHNC4
1:45PM  2:00PM
Top Guns vs T7 (Winner as Q7) TMHNC5
1:45PM  2:00PM
My Noobess vs T8 (Winner as Q8) TMHNC6
1:45PM  2:00PM
Retarded Pro Player Clan vs T9 (Winner as Q9) TMHNC1 2:45PM  3:00PM
4Minute vs T10 (Winner as Q10) TMHNC2 
2:45PM 3:00PM
LanJ vs T11 (Winner as Q11) TMHNC3   2:45PM 3:00PM
APA SEVEN PUN OK vs T12 (Winner as Q12) TMHNC4    2:45PM 3:00PM
Tupperware Fans Club vs T13 (Winner as Q13) TMHNC5   2:45PM 3:00PM
Team 1337 vs T14 (Winner as Q14) TMHNC6   2:45PM 3:00PM
BiasaBarang vs T15 (Winner as Q15) TMHNC1   3:45PM 4:00PM
SnackParty vs T16 (Winner as Q16) TMHNC2   3:45PM 4:00PM
Q1 vs Q2 TMHNC3 3:45PM 4:00PM
Q3 vs Q4 TMHNC4   3:45PM 4:00PM
Q5 vs Q6  TMHNC5 3:45PM 4:00PM 
Q7 vs Q8 TMHNC6  3:45PM 4:00PM  
Q9 vs Q10 TMHNC1   4:45PM  5:00PM 
Q11 vs Q12 TMHNC2  4:45PM  5:00PM  
Q13 vs Q14 TMHNC3 4:45PM  5:00PM
Q15 vs Q16 TMHNC4 4:45PM  5:00PM

If you require any further information regarding this tournament, kindly head over to our FAQ section.

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