We’re Upgrading!

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Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 10:36

Baby steps to path the way, each step to a better day! Starting from Patch v2.6.11 on the 25th of July 2012, there will be a number of upgrades to make the overall gaming experience in Heroes of Newerth even better!

1. The increase of Free-to-Play Heroes from 20 to 30

As compared to the previous patch where both Basic and Verified accounts will now only have access to the 20 free heroes in the Weekly Hero Rotation System, we are now bringing up the number to a good 30!

2. Constant upgrading of Game Servers

Our servers are always under constant upgrades to serve you and to do away with your latency issues! We understand that there has been furballs and hiccups along the way but nevertheless, we have dedicated these servers for you!

3. Price Cut on Hero Purchase

What’s a Goblin without a good deal? To match it up we have decided to slash some hero prices just to make things go on a little smoother, a little easier. Some older, senior heroes will be priced at a more Newerth-able price from

25th July 2012.

4. Rolling in Events

A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us! We want to be closer to you! As we welcome you more into the world of Newerth, we will be hosting more official tournaments and events (and maybe occasional casual events) so as to allow you guys to have all the intended fun & large prize pool we have laid out for you!

- Unlocking Newerth: Click here for more details

- THB 200,000 Thailand HoN Middle Tournament 2012: Click here for more details 

- RM500,000 The Malaysia HoN Natioinal Championship: Click here for more details

- IDR500,000,000 The Indonesia HoN National Championship: Click here for more details


5. More Double Matchmaking Coins and FREE HERO Weekend in plan!

Double Trouble! Make it or break it weekends as we let loose ALL of the heroes from the hero pool! Get in on when every single hero you would have ever dreamt of having and make that dream come true now! Please keep update with coming double matchmaking coins and FREE HERO weekend event. 

6. Removal of Tokens

All game restrictions by tokens will be removed (except lockpick)! Be sure to take up the adventure card and dive head first into the different game modes that we have now released for you!

7. Free Hero Symbol With Every Hero Purchase

You heard us right! We are tagging up Hero Symbols with Hero purchase because we feel that you guys deserve so much more! So don't be afraid to flaunt it all because you have it! This will be implemented on 25th July 2012.

8. Forum Events EVERY MONTH!

We have tons of Forum Events planned ahead and we are all set to lay them out for you every month! Take a dip into our in-game bonuses as you join us in the lively community where you will feel yourself at home! What's more! We are upgrading our forums with a new look and features to serve you better! Stay tuned on this!