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Published on Friday, 21 September 2012 21:13



Team DOC says : Just a Flesh Wound ! 

Mamatin, one of the few key players in Team DOC unfortunately had to leave Team DOC due to documentation issues, Mamatin could not present his Malaysia Identity Card, he was born in the Middle East but came to Malaysia at the age of 2; he felt upset and disappointed when the team he represented in the August online qualifiers for TMHNC was disqualified from their champion placing due to infringements of rules. 

Mamatin thought his Malaysian Pass was enough to join the tournament, but in-spite of the unfortunate event he still wishes his team the best of luck in the upcoming qualifiers; his teammates share the same view as Mamatin wasn't only just a player but a good friend of theirs, there were no accusations or blames from his teammates on this matter and they stated at a recent interview that Mamatin was very important to the team and everything is just not the same without him around. 

Team DOC currently known as GuC ( Guilty Crown ), lost to Team NK at the finals of the TMHNC offline qualifiers September clearly states that without Mamatin their team isn't as solid as before; sources in a recent interview with them indicates that they are very determine to overcome this obstacle  and warn other teams to look out for them at the next qualifiers. They still maintain a very good relationship with Mamatin and was talking about how one of them would take all the prize money and run away before the disqualification. Hiroki, hahazim & tofuuuu was also telling our interviewer on how they didn't know Mamatin was such an important player until he is absent from the team in a jokingly manner.

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Champion of TMHNC 2012 Selangor Offline Qualifier 2: NK  

The high stakes qualifiers of THMNC rages onto it's 6th offline tournament which transpired at FTZ Subang Jaya accommodated with 29 Teams prepared and ready to fight it out for the prize pool of RM10,000 inclusive with a placing at the Grand Final tournament of THMNC.   

Notable teams such as TEAM AFKK, GuC ( Guilty Crown ) & HakE quickly took the spotlight with their high intensive strategic gameplays which could only be executed with utmost practice and teamwork; but unfortunately for the remainders TEAM NK ( No Kamlin ) emerged as well-earned victors of their hardwork when they took the title of Champion.  

We would like to congratulate NK for taking home the title of Champion for The Malaysia Heroes of Newerth National Championship Selangor Offline Qualifier 2.  

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