Hero Release Schedule

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Published on Wednesday, 04 July 2012 09:57

Dear Heroes,

As to date, we are to inform you of the changes that S2 (Game Developers of Heroes of Newerth) has decided to make towards the Hero Release Schedule. Instead of having a new hero every 2 weeks, it has been decided to push for one new hero every 4 weeks instead. Next Hero, Prophet will released on the 11th of July.

As quoted below from S2 games:

Hey Guys,
After careful deliberation internally, and with the tremendous aid of community feedback, we have decided to slow down the Hero Release Schedule. From now on, you guys can expect a new hero to be released every 4 weeks instead of every 2 weeks, effective immediately. This means that the next hero will be released on July 11th. Here is what you guys can expect for this to mean:

1) Higher quality heroes; more iteration on design and art
2) A more digestible pacing of new hero content injected into the game
3) More content and assets to complement new heroes
4) More work put toward design feature projects (projects like Mid Wars)
We hope that regardless if you love this decision or disagree with it, you will understand that we put a lot of careful thought and discussion into this move, and it is one that we as a company wholeheartedly stand behind in our quest to make Heroes of Newerth as enjoyable of an experience as possible for our players. S2 Games is dedicated to prioritizing the gameplay experience, and while this may have significant ramifications for us on the business model side of things, we are confident (in large part due to your input and guidance) that this is a positive move to ensure the long-term sustainability and enjoyment of HoN. Thank you guys so much for your continued support and feedback, as well as for sharing our tremendous passion for HoN. We look forward to learning more and more from you guys moving forward, and you guys can look forward to more changes and features to come.

We seek your understanding and continous support in this area as Garena has soley only our player's best interests at heart.