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Published on Friday, 29 June 2012 18:35

WEEK #9: Updates


We're now at Week #10 of The Grand Poobah! Due to the dates of coverage of Dreamhack, we have postponed the matches till today. Please accept our sincere apologies and for the (massive) lack of updates. However, let's go back on a recap on what happened during Week #9 (1st June) when Team iMpunity (SG) had to pit themselves against Team Highlight (VN). Please note that the game roster has changed due to the unfortunate pull-out of the Thailand Teams, bringing it down to only six teams left, with TteS (previously known as fray) taking the lead still. In week #9, after three grueling long matches, Team iMpunity (SG) finally set the score by defeating Team Highlight (VN) with the score of 2-1, allowing them to advance to this week's (week #10) round, to be played against Team Tt Esports (AU)! Will they still be in the running after tonight? Or will they fall short to TteS? 

Stay tuned!

Find out this week as Garena will be bringing you 

the LIVE cast of this battle HERE at 8pm (+GMT)!

Next Challenge: 
Team Tt Esports (TteS)·- Australia vs Team Impunity (iMp) - Singapore (29th June 2012, Friday)

To watch the VOD of (iMp) vs (HaiL): 

Participating Teams:

1.Team iMpunity (iMp)·- Singapore

2.Team Orange Esports Gaming Malaysia (ORGE)·- Malaysia

3.Team Tt Esports (TteS)·- Australia

4.Team Highlight (haiL)·- Vietnam

5.Team Open House Party (OHP)·- Thailand

6.Team BabyBuildHouse(IBBH)·- Thailand

7.Team Beware of Me (BwoM)·- Indonesia

8.Team DuskBin (DskB)·- Philippines

Waiting List:

1. Team Highlight (VN) - April 13th 2012

2. Team Tt Esports (AU) - April 20th 2012

3. Team Beware of Me (INDO) - April 27th 2012

4. Team Orange Esports Gaming (MY) - May 4th 2012

5. Team Baby Build House (TH) - May 11th 2012

6. Team Open House Party (TH) - May 11th 2012

7. Team DuskBin (PH) - May 18th 2012

8. Team iMpunity (SG)May 25th 2012



Week 1 (6th April 2012): Team Duskbin (PH) vs Team iMpunity (SG) – Victor: Team iMpunity (SG)

Week 2 (13th April 2012): Team Highlight (VN) vs Team iMpunity (SG) – Victor: Team iMpunity (SG)

Week 3 (20th April 2012): Team Frenetic Array (AU) vs Team iMpunity (SG) – Victor: Team Frenetic Array (AU)

Week 4 (27th April 2012): Team Frenetic Array (AU) vs Team Beware of Me (ID) – Victor: Team Frenetic Array (AU)

Week 5 (4th May 2012): Team Frenetic Array (AU) vs Team Orange Esports Malaysia (MY) – Victor: Team Frenetic Array (AU)

Week 6 (11th May 2012): Team Baby Build House (TH) vs Team Open House Party (TH) – Victor: Team Open House Party (TH)

Week 7 (18th May 2012): Team DuskBin (PH) vs Team Open House Party (TH) – Victor: Team Open House Party (TH)

Week 8 (25th May 2012): Team iMpunity (SG) vs Team Open House Party (TH) – Victor: Team iMpunity (SG)

Week 9 (1st June 2012): Team iMpunity (SG) vs Team Highlight (VN) – Victor: Team iMpunity (SG)