Unlocking the Lock Pick!

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Published on Monday, 02 July 2012 00:00


Lock Pick Mode

Just after the bloodbath of DreamHoN comes Lock Pick, the official competitive mode for HoN. This cutthroat mode takes the hero pool to the next level.

Unlike the traditional pool, Lock Pick features a "Locked Hero Pool" of six heroes.

Of the six, four must be picked in the end. Every action during the picking phase will be done by each team’s captain.

The order of actions each captain will take is as follows:


1. Two blind bans. These function exactly as they do in Mid Wars

2. "Lock" three Heroes. These six Heroes make up the "Locked Hero Pool" and are unbannable and picked at the conclusion of the Picking Phase

3. Ban three Heroes

4. Pick three Heroes

5. Pick two Heroes from the "Locked Hero Pool". Your team is not limited to picking from the Heroes only your team "Locked", you can freely pick from any of the six. Two heroes from the "Locked Hero Pool" will remain unpicked

6. Players may not Ready Up until all ten players have a Hero

7. You may still Swap with teammates at any time

This new style of picking will create a unique battle lineup for every game. Some teams may decide to pick universal heros that they know they can dominate and others may pick heroes that throw a curveball into the game play.

Check out Lock Pick’s introduction video here: