Garena vs Community on 28th Jun 2012

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Published on Tuesday, 26 June 2012 17:42


20120627 VS 480x160

Greeting Heroes!


This is War! Head on strong as we have our very own Garena vs Community on the 28th of June 12pm – 6pm! We won’t go down without a fight so these games will last till we get knocked-out with a total loss of 20 games! Gain 10 silver coins for EVERYONE (only those that login on the 28th Jun 2012) for each win so there will be a grant of 200 silver coins to each IF Garena lose 20 games! Of course, for the bold who dare challenge us there will be the special Garena Smile or Cry Symbols to be awarded to you.


English stream will be live on

Thai Stream will be live on  

Players who watch our stream will stand a chance to win free 100 silver coins as well! So make sure you start queuing for matchmaking and watch stream on 28th Jun 2012!


Garena Smile Symbol: 

Garena Smile

Garena Cry Symbol:

Garena Cry


*Silver coins will be granted by 9th Jul.