DreamHack Summer 2012: DreamHoN

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Published on Friday, 22 June 2012 18:01

We're back from Sweden! Although we didn't get a huge win in prize money, we definitely won the hearts of some of the international teams!

Let's see what they have to say about DreamHON and of course their journey there as they tell us more!

Team BxF


1. Congratulations. You guys just won your second match. Both against fntc and orge. How was it? Was it a huge confidence boost?


Insania: Beating Fnatic was huge for us since everybody has been saying thatd win the entire event. So beating them in a convincing manner was really important for us as team.

Khezu: Winning The first match vs Fnatic was pretty big, plus big confidence booster because for us they were the team to beat and now we're pretty confident. Beating them means a lot to us. We were looking forward to playing ORGE but we were pretty confident facing them and we ended up taking it.


2. Now that you are at dreamhack, do you guys feel the pressure to perform even better than before?

Insania: No its just excitement we are looking forward to every game and playing really well, it's not that different from any online tournament it's just bigger with a larger prize pool.

3. Which teams do you think poses the biggest threat to you?

Khezu: Tdm,TTeS and Fnatic.

4. Do you guys have any strategies that you think are going to awe the crowd and your fans?

Insania: we have brought some of them out already such as the predator empath lane, we also have many more to come!

5. How do you guys feel about the introduction of the SEA and GA teams into dreamhack?

Insania : I'm really excited to meet them as they have very different play styles to the international teams. And it's a good thing that they are at dreamhack with everyone else.

6. Thank you for your time and is there any last words that you guys would like to say to your fans or whomever that you would like to do a shout out to?


A huge Shoutout to our sponsors, blackfade, friggey, chacobio,laggepluttem and goodfightson.



Team Tdm:




1. You guys have taken part in last years dreamhack as well as NASL. How do you think you guys have improved as team ?

Tralf (captain): We have changed up our roster for the better and have had a lot more practice as a team.

Moon: we have improved as a team by 1000% everyone has great synergy and lots of things to offer towards the team!

2. How do you think that you guys would fair against the teams from SEA? Considering you guys have no LAN experience with them?

Tralf: we've played and practiced so much together that we feel comfortable regardless who we play against. The fact that this tournament is a LAN won't change anything other than everyone's ping

Moon: I have had the pleasure to cast their games and scout them out. I am confident that we are able to win convincingly but kiddo might have some tricks up their sleeve.

3. Which teams do you think be top three in this years dreamhack summer?

Tralf: we feel very confident that we will be in the top 3,

but honestly all the teams are so talented that anyone can win it.
Moon: tig Fnatic Tdm

4. A question from a fan, " do you think that diablo 3 has impacted your team in anyway?"

Tralf: A lot of people saw us play diablo3 a lot, but they didn't know that bkid was in Korea for most of that time, making it nearly impossible to practice and play with him.

I don't think it affected us at all considering that we still won the Plantronics tournament during that time

Moon: I used to only need to use 10% of my skill, after diablo I need to use 15%. It's site

5. What do you think it will take to be this years champion?

Tralf: Execution - just like every other team, we've spent a lot of time practicing for this event, and in the end team that executes the best will win.

Moon: building a winning momentum and stay focused!

6. Thank you for your time and is there any last words that you guys would like to say to your fans or whomever that you would like to do a shout out to?

Tralf: Shoutout to my team, Trademark eSports and our sponsor Razer. Also a big Shoutout to all of our supporters for their continued support.
Moon: Shout out to Razer and Tdm for making this possible! And to project one and killcam.




Team Ttesports



1. You guys recently had a change of sponsor? Do you think this change has been a form of motivation for you guys?

Wyt : it's great that tt eSports have come to support our team after our one year contract has ended with Frenetic Array and the new gear that tt eSports have provided us with has definitely given us a fresh motivation to take out the dreamhon tournament.

2. It was unfortunate that Dabeliuteef couldn't make it. Do you guys think that the team morale has been affected by this? And how does the team feel about the replacement player?

It is a big shame that Dabeliuteef couldn't attend and we were initally devesated as we were just about to hop on our flight to Sweden. Luckily however we found a very suitable replacement in mynuts who is a great player and is fitting into the team dynamic vey well.

3. You will be meeting the teams from SEA. It's known that you guys have scrims with them often, how do you think you guys will perform in this years dreamhack compared to last year, considering the sudden roster change and the introduction of the SEA and GA teams?

I think we are a strong contender for the top prize this time around Even with the different styles of play that the sea region and ga can bring.

4. Can we say that you guys are rich in LAN experience and do you think guys have it to take home the title of champion for dreamhack considering you guys were 2nd place in last years dreamhack, barely 6 months ago?

I think our team is very strong with slickz and myself having finals experience from last year, and mynuts with many other LAN experience events. Bobo and leonback will be capable of performing on LAN seeing their performance so far on LAN.

5. The roster of Fntc has recently changed. Do you think that change has brought about a bigger challenge for you guys should you meet them in the battle area again?

both the old Fntc and the new Fntc team are both very strong and we will take them very seriously,

like we did last time around now. I think they don't have the unbeatable aspect they had from last time around which is a mixed blessing - they will practice more and take us more seriously.

6. Thank you for your time and is there any last words that you guys would like to say to your fans or whomever that you would like to do a shout out to?

I would like a big shoutout to our new sponsor tt eSports and inferno online for helping our bootcamp - both have helped us tremendously in our preparation for dreamhon.


Team GA


1. This is your first time at dreamhack, what expectations do you have of your team? Do you think you guys have it to take home champion?
Yes,its our first time and we are so excited of this tournament, we don't expect to win it , but we will do our best.

2. Could you do a brief introduction of your team and the roles that they hold? ( ign, name, age, country of origin)
Zulu4 , Petr,25,mid lane,RF.
RageHissyFit ,Sergey,21,support-ganker,RF.

3. You guys have been practicing against the teams from SEA. How do you feel about the game play and whole experience of playing against them?
It was a great experience of playing with them,they have good fight control,and wise picking.

4. Do you have any teams in mind that you think are probably one of your strongest opponent?
I'd say its tdM ,Fntc,and Ttec.

5. How have you guys been practicing for this tournatment? What have you guys been doing to ensure a win or more?

We were playing a lot of scrims at int hon.

6. Thank you for your time and is there any last words that you guys would like to say to your fans or whomever that you would like to do a shout out to?
We would like to thank all our fans,we will do all we can and try not to screw up.



FNTC Raidcall: (read the full interview at http://game.mthai.com)



1. You guys were the Dreamhack hon champions of last year and have been for the previous dreamhack hon tourneys as well. Do you think you can still defend and uphold that title?

Nova: Definitely. We are feeling quite confident and we are bootcamping in Jonkoping for a week to prepare really well as competition is gonna be really strong. Two teams from SEA region we didn't play at all so we don't know what strats to expect.


2. There have been significant changes to the team roster from last year to this, what are those changes and how have they impacted the team as a whole?

n0tail: It has been very difficult at the start looking, but the change as a whole has been a positive experience. The competition has increased but at the same time I feel like we are stronger than ever.

3. Which team do you think is the biggest threat to you and is probably your strongest opponent?
Era: TiG has been playing a lot and are starting to look really promising, though im unsure about their lan experience which will matter a ton at Dreamhack.


4. Can you briefly give us a introduction of all the team players in the team?
Street:Tal "Fly" Aizik - Team drafter and secondary support who sometimes plays solo lane
Johan "n0tail" Sundstein - Middle/Solo lane carry player.Has been voted best ganker/mid player for 2 years in a row by Honcast and GosuGamers
Jascha "Nova" Markuse - Primary support of the team,voted best support in the world for 2 years.Known for the best Andromeda performance
Kai "H4nni" Hanbueckers: Our latest addition,joined the team a couple of months back. He brought a lot to the team as he has a lot of experience and is one of the best players in the world.He plays different roles but mostly ganker or carry.
Adrian "Era" Kryeziu - Adrian is one of the youngest professional players in the world which makes him very hungry for success. In the team he plays carry role, either soloing the side or being a trilane carry.

5. What are your thoughts of having asian teams and the russian teams join in the competition this year? Do you think this will change the metagame and the team strategy that you guys have been used to? Also, what kind of expectations do you have of them since the exposure in relation to competitive scene has been relatively little if not nothing at all? Unlike fray or now known as ttesports who have been playing scrims against them?

First of all I really like the fact that we will have teams from Asia and Russia coming to Dreamhack this year.

Whereas I would have preferred catsto come to DHS because I respected them a lot, GA proved to be the stronger team, so we will see what they can bring to the table.

Nova: My expectations for the Asian teams is split between doubts that they can suddenly enter an international tournament out of nowhere and immediately win it all and my respect for the Asian gaming culture. ESCW and EHOME was a prime example, also I really like to follow SC Broodwars and SC II. Asians are very disciplined and usually have a different and interesting way to approach games.

Whether their style will change the metagame though really depends on nothing but their success. The scene is very focussed on flavour of the month picks, so if Asians make the RA, CD and PP work others will think about atleast trying it out.


6. Thank you your time and effort. Any shout outs or words to your fans and whomever you would like to give?
Thanks to our fans for believing in us for years as well as our sponsors Raidcall, MSI, SteelSeries and Eizo for their great support



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