[V2.6.7] Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 26 June 2012 10:40

Dear Heroes,

There will be a Game Client Patch v2.6.7 on 27th June 2012, 0700 hrs - 0959 hrs (GMT +8).
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time.
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*

New Avatar: Brass Arachna

 Brass Arachna

New Avatar: Chimera Draconis

(Scheduled to be released on 2nd July 2012)

Chimera Draconis

(Ultimate Amalgamate Bundle which consists of both Brass Arachna & Chimera Draconis will be avaialble in store on 27th June 2012, Wednesday at a discounted price! Grab this chance to own Chimera Draconis before it is officially released on 2nd July 2012, Monday!)


Instructions to Update:


- Players who have patched through Garena Messenger may continue to do so to update their client.
- Players who have patched through the game client will be prompted with a message to update client upon log-in. Click Yes and the game will be updated automatically.
* In case the update message does not appear, hit Ctrl+F8 and type enter Upd_checkforupdates 1




 - Changing Windows Compatibility Mode.
* Select Windows 95 compatibility mode in order to update (de-select it after the updating process has finished):
1. Right-click the icon for the program
2. Click Properties
3. Click the Compatibility tab.
4. Set Compatibility mode to "Windows 95"
5. Click Apply and OK. Open the task manager and make sure no other instance of HoN is running. If there is, kill it by selecting hon.exe and click on "End Process". Run HoN as an Administrator and install it directly into your HDD's root (e.g. C:\).

- Changing your Graphic Driver temporarily.

Upon launching the game, go to Settings Graphics, select·"OpenGL"and try patching again. Revert it back to "DirectX" when the patch is complete.



Version 2.6.7

== New Content ==

Added a new Picking Mode: Lock Pick
Lock Pick is the new premier competitive mode for Heroes of Newerth
A "Locked Hero Pool" of six Heroes is this mode's main focus. Out of the six, four of them must be picked in the end
All actions during the picking phase are taken by only the Captain of the team
Players do not pick their own heroes, the Captain picks for them
The Blue player is Legion's Captain while the Pink player is Hellbourne's Captain
The order of actions each Captain takes is as follows:
Two blind bans. These function exactly as they do in Mid Wars
"Lock" three Heroes. These six Heroes make up the "Locked Hero Pool" and are unbannable and picked at the conclusion of the Picking Phase
Ban three Heroes
Pick three Heroes
Pick two Heroes from the "Locked Hero Pool". Your team is not limited to picking from the Heroes only your team "Locked", you can freely pick from any of the six. Two heroes from the "Locked Hero Pool" will remain unpicked
Players may not Ready Up until all ten players have a Hero
You may still Swap with teammates at any time

For more information on Lock Pick, see the post here: Clicky!

Matchmaking screen reworked slightly
Banning Draft has been removed from Matchmaking
Lock Pick has been added to Matchmaking
To access Lock Pick you must have a full group of five and turn on the new "Competitive" restrictive filter
The Group Leader when queuing for Matchmaking becomes the Team Captain

Cast Range Indicators added for all Heroes, Items, and Neutrals
Various abilities will now show their range and the area of effect when you select to use them
Hovering over an ability in game will display the range of the ability centered on your hero after a short delay
Indicators can be disabled in the Interface part of the Options menu

Added new Draconis Alt Avatar: Chimera Draconis
(Scheduled to be released on Monday, 2nd July 2012)

Added New Arachna Alt Avatar: Brass Arachna 

Added New Bundle: Ultimate Amalgamate Bundle
Save Gold Coins on Brass Arachna and own Chimera Draconis before it is released on Monday!

== Optimizations & Bug Fixes ==

Fixed a lot of Alt Avatars' attack animations so they sync up correctly to when damage is done

Nullfire Blade: Can no longer insta-kill allied illusions

Arachna: Webbed Shot will no longer slow targets who go Magic Immune while the shot is in midair
Armadon: Armordillo charges now cap at 100 again. This is just a visual change so you easily know when the next burst will go off
Bombardier: Air Strike! effects were rescaled slightly
Chipper: Rocket Barrage will no longer go through Magic Immune units
Chronos: Curse of Ages can no longer kill enemies through Puppet Show
Chronos: Removed unnecessary voice files
Ellonia: Flash Freeze's stun can now properly be dispelled by stun removal abilities
Ellonia: Absolute Zero no longer spams shields
Forsaken Archer: Alt Avatar animations sped up and synced
Gemini: Item animation added
Geomancer: Updated his scripting across the board, as it was performing badly under certain situations
Geomancer: Crystal Field's stun is no longer a debuff, so it can no longer be dispelled by items like Nullfire Blade
Gravekeeper: Base Health Regen fixed to be the correct value
Keeper of the Forest: Entmoot's cast has had art added
Kraken: Tsunami Charge can now be cast towards the edge of the map
Master of Arms: Overcharge Shot's stun is no longer a debuff, so it can no longer be dispelled by items like Nullfire Blade
Midas: Transmute's stun is no longer a debuff, so it can no longer be dispelled by items like Nullfire Blade
Moraxus: More Axes rescripted to clean up several art issues
Nighthound: Invisibility buff will no longer have a flickering duration