RM500,000 TMHNC Johor Qualifier Final Results

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Published on Saturday, 09 June 2012 21:31



The Johor Offline Qualifier is unseated by a surprising champion. After a whole day of grueling competition we have now crowned a new champion  NEO Ev0lutionz ! Followed by  The Front of Armament as 1st runner up and FantastlcBaby as 2nd runner up. In this stiff competition, we saw team NEO Ev0lutionz, arguably the underdogs of this competition, have risen to the challenge only win the grand prize of RM10,000 and the title of Johor Offline Qualifier Champion. 

The four teams which managed to seed into the JOHOR Offline Qualifier semi-finals were: 


1) The Front of Armament

2) NEO Ev0lutionz

3) xForbiddenLastMinute

4) FantastIcBaby.


As the matches proceeded into the finals and where they got more intense and of course heated up as the remaining teams headed up against each other in a headstrong battle of a BO3 format, we saw different skills and teamwork being pieced together throughout this qualifier. We would like to thank the teams for coming down to participate and for the rest who have not or did not, do look out for our upcoming qualifiers! More details can be found on site! See you guys there!


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