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Published on Thursday, 07 June 2012 20:59



Now that’s DreamHoN is just DAYS away! 

Join [GM]Mischyz as she seats the captains from both teams

[MuFC]Ong 'Nick_Oks`' Kah Seng & [ORGE]Chew 'Shuiyu' Choong Wah down for an interview.


1. With the number of intense matches the team will face in the tournament, what have you guys been doing to prepare?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: Basically we have been just like the other teams being ‘scrim-active’ in both the international client and of course in Garena. We have been practising against teams like BxF, tDM, TTeS (formerly fray).
[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: We been scrimming alot lately, if there is not much scrim going on we would just play in tmm in order to improve our personal skills and also our gameplay teamwork.

2. How does the team feel about its readiness to play against arguably the best HoN teams in the world?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: We are of course really happy and fortunate to be playing against the top teams in the world. Hopefully this will provide us with a chance to learn from them as we feel like we’re lacking a lot of exposure in terms of the different play styles from the different teams. However, we will definitely try our best no matter!
[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: Of course we are not going to argue that we are the best team in the world just yet (shy laughter) as we are still trying to improve as much as we are possible in order to be one of the best in the world.

3. Which medals do you guys foresee yourself winning and what do you think are your chances of taking home gold?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: We’re hoping to at least be in the top 3 spot. Chances of us taking home gold will probably be based on luck (hearty laugh) but of course, it is possible!
[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: Winning the champion title doesn't matter for now because for us, going to DreamHoN is a chance for us to see the international hon scene first hand in the lan event.

4. Who do you think will be your most fearsome opponents?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: TTeS. Mainly because they have been playing really well as a team and they were the dream team of last year’s dreamhack winter!
[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: To us, everyone is a tough competitor.

5. If you had to predict the top three winners, who would you pick?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: Definitely ORGE. (Huge silence followed by loud team laughter). Second would be tDM and TTesports
[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: tdM, TTeS and also Fnatic.

6. What are the heroes that you think will be most banned or picked during this tournament?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: Banned Heroes are probably Ophelia & Torturer while Picked heroes would be Moraxus, Silhouette
[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: Most probably keeper, hag and tundra.

7. What are the possible obstacles that you and your team foresee in the course of this tournament?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: Team training has its difficulties because we, as a team are not used to the play style and picks/bans in the international scene.
[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: Probably the lack of exposure that we have towards the international hon picking and banning stage with reference to the heroes that they use and also the game-play they adept.

8. What newer and upcoming teams do you guys think have the most potential to perform?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: To be honest I think every team has a chance as long as they train hard. Practice makes perfect right? Taking BxF for an example, we have never really heard about them before but they have proven themselves. Perhaps GA will prove to be really strong in Dreamhack.
[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: With what Shuyi said, I have to agree that everyone does stand a chance.

9. What advice do you have for players who are looking to improve their game?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: First up will be to play more scrims, to gain experience and knowledge about the game.
[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: Play more! Get more wards ! Think more for the team and not for yourself.

10. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received during your gaming career?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: Don’t give up and keep on pushing yourself! Your potential is more than you think!
[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: Train more and accept any challenge that is coming towards you!

11. Do you see gaming as a long term career or is it more of an interest that just happens to net you monetary rewards?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: A bit of both, Passion of course comes first then money. Wanting to put gaming as a career will be more of a willingness of commitment.
[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: I would say passion. Having passion for a certain thing will definitely motivate you to go a long long way.

12. Who is your favourite HoN competitive player?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: L aka ‘dabeliuteef’ Because he is a really good player!

[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: pixiebaby and elynlyn (cheeky laugh) and of course ‘dabeliuteef’

13. How do you feel about having each other as a competitor?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: They are an equally good team and I feel like facing them will actually help to push ourselves as a team and maybe to perform better as well as we’re fighting for SEA and Malaysia!
[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: As ORGE is one of the top teams in Malaysia, I have to admit it's somewhat challenging having them as competitor because they got international hon exposure. we know each other very well hence there might be some advantage and also at the same time disadvantage.

14. What is the biggest motivation for your team to perform?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: Prize money! Of course! And also to bring back glory to SEA

[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: of course is the prize money! Everyone loves money.

15. What is it that you are most looking forward to when you go to Sweden?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: Meet our fans! ‘dabeliuteef’, TTesports, S2 staff and also to experience a huge LAN event like Dreamhack!
[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: Meeting everyone! Especially the S2 staffs and the international hon competitive players.

16. Do you have shout-outs and last words?

[ORGE] Shuiyu: Thanks to Garena for sending us there, to ORGE to s2, thanks for supporting us we will try our best to make you guys proud! (pride and glory!)
[MuFC] Nick_Oks`: Thank you for supporting us MUFC TteSports we will do our very best in order to play well in the tournament! And make Malaysian proud!

[GM]Mischyz: Thank you for your time and effort! I wish you guys all the best in Sweden!

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