DreamHon Updates - Two is Better Than One!

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Published on Monday, 21 May 2012 14:52

As DreamHon draws much closer to us, we would now like to announce that we are officially sending not one but TWO teams to DreamHack Summer this June! Due to Korea’s unfortunate and abrupt withdrawal from this exclusive invitation of sending a team to represent them, we have decided to send in the top two teams from SEA in hope that they will prove themselves worthy in winning the DreamHack title. Thus, without further delay, we would like to congratulate Team MuFC TteSports in joining the ranks of Orange Esports Malaysia in qualifying for the trip to DreamHack Summer! With huge efforts from S2 and Garena these two teams have come a long way and will be making their way there from June 16 - June 19! Be sure to catch them in action as they go all out for the $60,000 in cash prize pool and also to be named as the world champion team in Heroes of Newerth!

Stay tuned as we give you more updates soon!