Midwars Madness!

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Published on Wednesday, 16 May 2012 08:26



With the kick off of the Mid Wars drawing closer with each passing day, the level of anticipation has definitely been pressing on the edge as we’re kept in suspense to know more gritty details regarding this particular community-inspired game mode. Mid Wars has ultimately become one of the most enthralling projects that S2 Games have probably ever done and we owe much of that excitement to the dedication and passion of the beloved HoN community. Up to date, Mid Wars is undoubtedly one of the best maps that has ever been developed and without further adieu, we would like to welcome you to see the insights where more revelation of the new map's secrets are being released to prepare you for the newest game mode that is coming to Newerth! As Mid Wars was intended to be crafted into a calibre of game-play all on its own, the in-game mechanics and rules had to be adjusted to ensure that the experience was not only what players expected, but that it felt refined and offered something new for players every time they were being placed into a match.

Here are the changes that made up the "core" of the All Mid experience:

1) Lowering respawn times from 4 seconds per level to 600 milliseconds per level (15 seconds respawn time at max level 25) to keep game play going.

2) Decreasing the size of the map to enable game play to be more focused and compressed.

3) Removal of gold loss upon death similar to casual mode

4) Increasing the bounty on hero kills to accelerate the economy of each match.

5) Increasing the rate at which players leveled up as well as increasing the range they could gain experience (from 1000 to 1300)

6) The Blind Ban: Three bans were given to each team with the selections remaining hidden until all six selections were locked in. Allow bans to overlap between the teams, which inevitably instil a fear of "wasting a ban". This hidden mechanic lead to strategic depth and all-around fun situations in the picking phase where players are forced to decide whether to ban heroes they don't like and risk wasting that ban, or ban heroes they think would counter their line-up and race to make their choices once the blind banning is complete

7) "Duplicate Heroes" advanced option is not enabled by default in Mid Wars.

8) Rune spawn point close enough to the midpoint of the map that the fight flows to the north rune and back again to the center every two minutes as new runes spawn.

9) Neutrals are located at the center of the map, either side can gain access to them and anyone going for the rune can immediately react to anyone approaching the neutrals.

For those unfamiliar with this new game mode, read on! The entire Mid Wars concept began with players hosting games of HoN on the Forests of Caldavar using only the middle lane (with the top and bottom lanes ignored) and with all the action centralized at the middle of the map. What made Mid Wars such a compelling experience was that re-spawn times options were turned off, meaning that once a player died, he or she was almost immediately thrust back into the action and lived to battle it out in team fight, after team fight. The end result was high action, low stress game-play that was aimed to capture and expanded upon throughout the Mid Wars development process. This excellent community-created idea was just dying to be made official with a standard rule-set, its very own Matchmaking system, and a change of pace from the normal HoN experience that people have enjoyed since HoN was released two years ago. Consider Mid Wars as a reprieve from the intensity that can arise from playing Forests of Caldavar time and time again or as a low pressure game mode designed to encourage you to try out new heroes you may be unfamiliar with!

Stay with us as we bring you this new mode of game-play into Newerth this 16th May!