The Global HoN Challenge - FINAL RESULTS

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Published on Wednesday, 16 May 2012 07:50


global challenge sea

We challenged you and the community delivered! In honour of the HoNiversary, the community was charged with a monumental task: playing 1.1 million games in just five days. You ended up with a little extra time but it didn't even matter. You guys responded and went above and beyond. Not with 300,000 games played. Not with 700,000. Not even with 1.1 million!


The final tally for the Global Challenge was.... 1,565,587 games played!!!!!


Simply amazing. The goal of 1.1 million games was actually reached early on Friday but you guys kept on trucking and crushed the goal by over 400,000 games! Congratulations to all!



Global Challenge:

300,000 games played - you'll get Mid Wars Icon - FREE

700,000 games played - you'll get Kongor Courier FREE

1,100,000 games played - you'll get Kongor Taunt FREE

Individual Challenge:

Steampunk Electrician

Please note that the rewards will be redeemable from the HoN store in-game from the 16th - 29th May.

Thank you guys for making this possible with us!