DreamHoN – The One Dream Team!

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Published on Wednesday, 09 May 2012 10:24

DreamHoN – The One Dream Team!


With each day as DreamHack presses nearer, we are looking at teams training harder, getting stronger in battle for the biggest LAN event DreamHack Summer 2012 in Jönköping, Sweden! As we promised, we’re looking for our dream team and on this Sunday, 13th May, we will have a winner to represent the South East Asia region to go up against HoN’s strongest teams from all over the world! We’re proud to announce that the following teams have been selected for the finals!

1. Singapore – iMpunity

2. Malaysia – 2000MMR

3. Malaysia – Orange Esports

4. Thailand – Mith.OHP

Remember to tune in this week as we bring you the finals of the S.E.A DreamHoN Qualifiers with live coverage! Starting at 8pm (GMT +8), where these 4 teams will be playing a Best-of-1 format (BO1) with Team iMpunity (SG) against Team Mith.OHP (TH) in Group A & Team 2000MMR (MY) against Team Orange Esports (MY) in Group B. O1f which the Loser Bracket will seed the loser of both A & B into a second showdown where they will meet the Loser of C after which a Final battle will conclude the game standing of the overall teams! The Champion will flag a choice of any 3 items in Store for free + Custom Account Icon for Team Logo + Sponsored hotel and trip to DreamHack Summer in June 16 - June 19 2012. Who will have the honour of taking Asian pride on to an international level?

Heroes, choose wisely!



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