Summer Celebrations Begin!

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Published on Wednesday, 09 May 2012 15:03

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We’re now a Big Two! We are celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Heroes of Newerth and we’re making it official! To thank you guys who have been supporting us (through thick and thin) since beta stages and have been there to watch us grow to where we are now, this is especially for you! Besides the already on-going Individual Challenge that has already warrant a free Hero Alternate Avatar for Free & the Global Challenge that will put up for grabs a Mid-Wars Icon, a Kongor Courier & the Kongor Taunt. Details can be found at


we have now decided to throw in 3 additional party events to keep up the party mood! They will be:

1. 30% Bonus Gold Coins & 20% store-wide discount off. New additions (Artillery, Ellonia, 4 Horseman Avatars,Clockwork Archer, Sniper Scout, Cyber Valk & Crematorium Balph) are excluded in the discount list. This promotion will live from 11th May 00:00am GMT + 8 to 13th May 23:59pm GMT +8

2. Double Matchmaking coins. From 10th May 00:00am GMT+ 8 to 13th May 23:59pm GMT+8

3. We are also going to be doing an exclusive bring-back-request (feedback from our dearest community) which is to unlock the extremely popular Golden Avatars Collection! So without delay let us now release the avatar list! The list will be updated daily.

LegendaryValkryie 48 Legendary Valkyrie 13th May Only

SachiSwiftblade 48 Sachi Swiftblade 12th May Only

ForsakenStrider 48 Forsaken Strider 11th May Only

LeprachaunBlacksmith 48 Leprechaun Blacksmith 10th May Only

GoldenPebbles 48 Golden Pebbles  9th May Only


So hurry! Be sure to check the stores for these exclusive avatars as we will be rotating them every 24 hours! Make sure you get them before they get locked up yet again! Please note that all Golden Avatars are still priced at 600 Gold Coins each! Be sure to collect them all!


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