RM500,000 TMHNC April Online Qualifier Final Results

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Published on Sunday, 29 April 2012 17:24

MYHON 480x160

After much gruelling and hard work, we have finally seen the success of The Malaysia Heroes of Newerth Championships! 

This time round we have the Online Qualifiers opting to be a more viable choice for the participants as it gives the option of playing from the comfort of home! We were both happy and excited to see teams that were from the First offline qualifiers participating in this too! This online qualifiers saw HonPortal Malaysia (PORT) taking the first place and RM10,000 home! With that they would be in the same seating as Orange Esports Malaysia (ORGE) having seeded to stand a chance to win the grand prize pool.

Once again we would like to congratulate HonPortal Malaysia for taking home the title of Champion for  The Malaysia Heroes of Newerth National Championships First  Online Qualifiers! Will we see more teams participating in the free to play event in the fight to win RM300,000 in cash!

So everyone, please take note of the next upcoming qualifier date which will be on the 12th of May, so take out your calendars and mark that day down! We're looking forward to seeing more teams joining our family and growing as the Championships progresses on.

For more details please refer to: http://tmhnc2012.garena.com