RM500,000 TMHNC April Online Qualifier Day 1 Results

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Published on Saturday, 28 April 2012 19:52

Congratulation and thank you to all participants. Eight teams: 4Minute, Excuse Me, IfuC Mfix Gaming, Pink Racoons, Give Me Face xD Gaming, team unique gaming, HoNPortal Malaysia and Fantastic Baby, will be conquring the semi final tomorrow. 

Please refer to the TOURNAMENT section to view them. It is recommended that all competing teams should be aware and informed of the set of Tournament Rules given for this qualifier.

On-day registration will commence at 9am. All team captains are required to report at 9am to register their respective teams, and team members according to the allocated game time for each team. Players are advised to get ready earlier for registration. Please be reminded also that you will have to check the brackets and schedule below. Team captains are to join your respective channels whether TMHNC1,2,3 or 4 at 9.00AM to register your team.

An exact schedule has been listed out below as to when your team is playing. ALL players are to be in their respective channels at the allocated time, failing to do so may resolve in a disqualification of your team. Please be reminded to read through and understand the rules & regulations again!

Please click the banner below for Brackets.


Quarter Finals Schedule

Team vs Team Channel Time to join channel
4Minute vs Excuse Me                         TMHNC1                      9.30AM                            
IfuC Mfix Gaming vs Pink Racoons TMHNC2 9.30AM
Give Me Face xD Gaming vs team unique gaming   TMHNC3 9.30AM
HoNPortal Malaysia vs Fantastic Baby TMHNC4 9.30AM


Semi Finals Schedule

Team vs Team     Channel     Time to join channel
  TMHNC1 11:30AM                           

TMHNC2  11:30AM 

Finals Schedule (Best of 3)

Team vs Team       Channel       Time to join channel          
   TMHNC1 2:00PM

 TMHNC1 3:00PM
   TMHNC1 4:00PM


More Details: Here