[EVENT]: $5000SGD & MORE to be Won! Battle Royale!

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Published on Monday, 23 April 2012 16:11

Summoning up all Heroes!


Here’s your big chance to win up to SGD$3000 in cash! Join us as we heat things up with Garena Heroes of Newerth’s very own Battle Royale! This time round, we are raising the stakes and officially chalking up grand total of SGD$5250 in cash and prizes, making this battle an outstanding one of its very own as we are proud to introduce our joint partnership with ROCCAT for this particular event! As the grounds of Newerth find itself becoming more intense while emerging teams are fighting for the crown of Champion, we’re inviting all worthy individuals who are bold enough to take up this challenge we have thrown out for you! With up to 32 team registrations open for the taking, teams will face a one off single elimination play system at the battle arena held at Khakabo on the 12th of May. Held in a make or break decision, the Champion will be bringing home SGD$3,000 + 5 x ROCCAT™ Arvo – Compact Gaming Keyboard while the 1st and 2nd runner up will be taking SGD$1,500 + 5 x ROCCAT™ Kova[+] – Max Performance Gaming Mouse and SGD$750 5 x ROCCAT™ Apuri – Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee in cold hard cash with the bonus ROCCAT gears respectively.

Will you be the Victor of this Battle?

Sign up and prove yourselves!

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