Garena Summer Holiday Special Reward Vote!

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Published on Saturday, 21 April 2012 11:50
The summer holiday is coming in the next few weeks and we are very excited to bring you a special gift from Garena! We'll have loads of events for summer holiday, and in the same time congratulation the two year HoNiversary of international HoN!

As part of the holiday treats, there will be an awesome way for the entire community to unlock a special Alt Avatar for free! Since it'll be your free alt avatar, we'd like the community to select which one will be the reward. The voting will continue until April 24th and then the winner will be announced. Here are your choices!


So do you want Electrician  to go Steampunk? Or maybe you love the new look and red hair of Kinesis ? Or you want Behemoth  to get a myth-like revamp? You choose!

Wonder what is in behind the big "?" ? A new Valkyrie alt avatar of the same theme will be revealed soon! 

Results will be compiled with consolidated results from NA/EU and CIS Heroes of Newerth, and that determine the ultimate community preferred choice!


[Votes on NA/EU HoN Forum]