[EVENT] Updates iMp vs HaiL - 13th April

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Published on Monday, 16 April 2012 20:22

WEEK #2: Updates



Come the Second week of The Grand Poobah as we brought you Team iMpunity [iMp] vs Team Highlight [HaiL]! This time we saw three out of three games played out to the best! Game #1 was very well matched as Team Highlight [HaiL] took the victory from Team iMpunity [iMp] leaving the crowd wanting more. Even with [iMp]Air playing his signature hero Aluna, it still seemed that it wasn’t enough to bring the team to a clear victory. With [HaiL]Mimosa` on one of his best hero – Silhouette it definitely proved to be fatal for Team iMpunity [iMp] as he managed to completely shut down [iMp]ladymelissa who was on Magebane. Team Highlight [HaiL] played it really aggressively and was able to throw big game changing ganks on Team iMpunity [iMp]. Game #2 however, gave a totally different output as Team iMpunity [iMp] took the game effortlessly. [iMp]ken on tempest was given an advantage in the jungle as Team Highlight [HaiL] for some reason decided to forgo the opportunity to ward the camp spot. We also saw [iMp]MaLingEr, one of Team iMpunity [iMp]’s best solo mid player on Wretched Hag, also one of his very many specialities. Last but not least in Game #3, both teams put up a great fight. Team iMpunity [iMp] however, after much effort emerged victorious! After 2 weeks of staying on top, Team iMpunity [iMp] will be meeting Team Frenetic Array [fray] this very Friday, 20th April 2012.

Being one of the much awaited matches, will we see Team iMpunity [iMp] keep its number one spot on top for the 3rd week running?

Or will they lose it to Team Frenetic Array [fray]?

Find out this week as Garena and Team Trollcasting will be bringing you the LIVE cast of this battle HERE at 8pm (+GMT)!

Next Challenge: Team iMpunity (iMp) - Singapore vs Team Frenetic Array (fray) - Australia (20th April 2012, Friday)

To watch the VOD of (iMp) vs (HaiL): http://www.twitch.tv/garenahonsea/b/314835980


Participating Teams:

1.Team iMpunity (iMp)·- Singapore

2.Team Orange Esports Gaming Malaysia (ORGE)·- Malaysia

3.Team Frenetic Array (Fray)·- Australia

4.Team Highlight (haiL)·- Vietnam

5.Team Open House Party (OHP)·- Thailand

6.Team BabyBuildHouse(IBBH)·- Thailand

7.Team Beware of Me (BwoM)·- Indonesia

8.Team DuskBin (DskB)·- Philippines


Waiting List:

1. Team Highlight (VN) - April 13th 2012

2. Team Frenetic Array (AUS) - April 20th 2012

3. Team Beware of Me (INDO) - April 27th 2012

4. Team Orange Esports Gaming (MY)

5. Team Baby Build House (TH)

6. Team Open House Party (TH)

7. Team DuskBin (PH)



Week 1 (6th April 2012): Team Duskbin (PH) vs Team iMpunity (SG) – Victor: Team iMpunity (SG)

Week 2 (13th April 2012): Team Highlight (VN) vs Team iMpunity (SG) – Victor: Team iMpunity (SG)