55,000 Player Milestone!

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Published on Monday, 12 March 2012 11:24

Thank You for making history with Us!


In celebration of the recent 100th Hero event that has got HoN (and everyone else in it) all perked up during the weekends, we have are bursting with pride and joy to annouce that we have managed to hit the initial 50,000 player count and have even exceeded into the 55,000 range! Whoohoo! This marks a very important milestone for us as this is the highest peak ever to be in the Heroes of Newerth history! Hence, we would like to sincerely show our appreciation to our highly valued players who have continued yet again to show us their support throughout our growth together and also thank everyone who have contributed to make this event a huge sucess! Of course not to forget the thank-you gift that we have promised you guys - The Voodoo Jester and the brand new Voodoo Jester Alt Avatar Voodoo Raptor!* We hope that you have enjoyed this eventful weekend as much as we have had bringing it to you! Once again, a huge thank you to all the Heroes in Newerth! Cheers!


* The Voodoo Jester and the brand new Voodoo Jester Alt Avatar Voodoo Raptor will be given out on the 14th of March

* Only players that have logged in from 10/03-11/03 will be entitled to the above