3v3 TRIO SHOWDOWN @ Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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Published on Wednesday, 07 March 2012 12:34

Trio Showdown, Johor Bahru

Tired of the same seriousness in competitive events time after time? Now we’re going to be bringing you a whole new phase where new challenges will be laid ahead! Think you’re able to take the heat? Join us as we bring you the Trio Showdown in Johor Bahru!

Summon your ability to contest as we will be exploring the different maps in HoN for this particular 3v3 tournament. Make your way down to SP 4 Cyber Café on the 17th of March and dare us to prove you wrong! Develop new play styles and tactics as the map changes requires a wider set of game knowledge. Try and out-wit and outplay our GMs in casual side games to win coins! Don’t hesitate and register your teams now!

Date: 17th March 2012, 9am – 5pm
Venue: SP 4 Cyber Cafe. No3, 5 PTD131480, Jalan Setia Tropika 1/15, Taman Setia Tropika, 81200


6th March 2012 - 14th March 2012
* Priority will be given to players residing in Johor Bahru *


Event Schedule:

Time Activity
0900h – 0930h
  • Registration
  • Briefing

0930h – 1030h
  • Round of 16

1030h – 1130h
  • Round of 8
  • Registration for Casual Events

1130h – 1230h
  • Quarter Finals matches
  • Casual Events (3v3) + Free To Play

1230h – 1330h
  • Semi-Finals matches
  • Casual Events (3v3) + Free To Play

1330h – 1430h
  • Lunch + GM Chit Chat with players

1430h – 1600h
  • Grand Finals
  • Prize Presentation + Photo taking

1600h - 1630h · End of Event

Description of Activities:

Trio Showdown – 3v3, Banning Pick
Total of 16 Teams

Mode: Banning Pick, Best of 1, Single Elimination. 
Hero Selection: Players may only select heroes that they have unlocked or are currently unlocked through the heroes rotation.
Map: Watchtower
Victory criteria: The opponents’ throne/tree is destroyed, or the opponents concede or all 5 opponents disconnect.

Champion - $600 RM + 300 Silver Coins per player + 1 x HoN Lanyard and 1 x Starter Card per player.
First Runner-up - $300 RM + 200 Silver Coins per player + 1 x HoN Lanyard and 1 x Starter Card per player.
Second Runner-up - $150 RM + 100 Silver Coins per player + 1 x HoN Lanyard and 1 x Starter Card per player.

GM Games

Players can register for the GM games after the First 16 round ends. (1030 AM)
After the lunch break, all participants will have an opportunity to play against the GMs to win prizes! 
All participants will receive a HoN Starter Card. *This is mutually exclusive with the Top 3 prizes*

Here are some of the GM games:

Beat the GMs:
Players compete with GMs on a 3v3 format. All players are not allowed to purchase upgraded boots.
Winning team will receive 150 Silver Coins per player + 1x HoN Lanyard.

Casual 3v3:
Players compete with each other on a 3v3 format. No rules. 
Winning team will receive 100 Silver Coins per player + 1x HoN Lanyard.