Game Client Patch v2.5.9 on 8 Feb

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Published on Tuesday, 07 February 2012 15:11
There will be a Game Client Patch v2.5.9 on 8th February 2012, 0700 hrs - 0959 hrs (GMT +8).
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time.
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*

New Early Access Hero:


New Hero Alternate Avatar:
Classic Pollywog Priest

New Hero Alternate Avatar:

Horseman War

(To be released on 10th Feb 2012)


New Courier Avatar:
Panda Courier

Instructions to Update:

- Players who have patched through Garena Messenger may continue to do so to update their client.
- Players who have patched through the game client will be prompted with a message to update client upon log-in. ClickYes and the game will be updated automatically.
* In case the update message does not appear, hit Ctrl+F8 and type enter Upd_checkforupdates 1


- Changing Windows Compatibility Mode.
* Select Windows 95 compatibility mode in order to update (de-select it after the updating process has finished):
1. Right-click the icon for the program
2. Click Properties
3. Click the Compatibility tab.
4. Set Compatibility mode to "Windows 95"
5. Click Apply and OK. Open the task manager and make sure no other instance of HoN is running. If there is, kill it by selecting hon.exe and click on "End Process". Run HoN as an Administrator and install it directly into your HDD's root (e.g. C:\).

- Changing your Graphic Driver temporarily.

Upon launching the game, go to Settings Graphics, select·"OpenGL"and try patching again. Revert it back to·"DirectX" when the patch is complete.

Version 2.5.9

- Added new Early Access Hero: Berzerker
- Added new Limited Edition Early Access Alt Avatar: Chaos Berzerker

- Added Pollywog Priest Alt Avatar: Classic Pollywog Priest
- Added new Alt Courier: Panda Courier

- Fixed a bug introduced in patch 2.5.6 that caused a significant drop in FPS for some players. The game should now run a lot smoother for the users affected by this. We apologize for this issue and thank the community members for providing their feedback on tracking down this issue.

- Fixed Rhapsody's Alt Avatar model
- Fixed Portal Key so it can properly blink into Engineer's Electric Field again
- Fixed Dampeer's Alt so his model changes when he gets sheeped
- Fixed Flux so he can't push or pull allies that have selected the "No Help" option
- Fixed Dark Lady's Alt Avatar animations
- Fixed Gemini's Movespeed tooltip not updating sometimes
- Fixed up Pharaoh's Alt Avatar sounds and animations
- Fixed Arachna's Spiderling so it follows invulnerable units properly
- Fixed a minor tooltip glitch with Succubus Smitten
- Fixed Gravekeeper's Defiling Touch so that it will only eat up 1 corpse if he is standing on a pile of corpses
- Fixed Tremble's Terrorform so it properly is showing charges
- Fixed Shudder's Terrorform tooltip to be more accurate
- Fixed Shudder's Terrorform so its mana cost scales the same as Tremble's