Garena HoN Star League: Day 2

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Published on Sunday, 15 January 2012 12:17


Day 2 of Garena HoN League is over! And boy oh boy, things are getting so interesting! Here's some short status updates on how each seeded teams from the other countries performed :

iMpunity(Singapore) - iMp has successfully advanced into the semi finals and would be pitting against DskB later on today! They've performed extremely well during day 2 and even managed to beat MiTH.OHP, one of the top favourites of Thailand. So far, they've had 5 straight wins and 0 losses. Well done! Keep it up!

Invasion MuFC(Malaysia) - Team Invasion MuFC has been keeping it up rather well, having won 4 matches out of 5 thus far but eventually losing to IBBH and dropping down into the losers bracket. But don't lose hope yet! As they always say, it doesn't matter how you fall, what matters is how you get back up! I won't count them out yet!

Orange Esports(Malaysia) - Orange Esports, another top favourite of the players, are performing rather good as well, considering they've also won 4 out of 5 matches, similar to their malaysia counterpart, Team Invasion MuFC. But sad part here was, they were unfortunately paired up against our Top favourite giant team, Duskbin under the Quarter-finals of the winners bracket. But let's not lose hope, as we've always seen big turn-arounds from the Malaysian teams!

Highlight(Vietnam) - Team Highlight, representative of Vietnam has so far won 4 out of their 5 matches as well, but unfortunately dropped into the losers bracket having lost to team Doll from Thailand. But it's still a double elimination tournament, so let's give our vietnam team some moral support and hope for the best!

DuskBin Esports(Philippines) - The top favourite of the entire Star League, these giants has been smashing all their opponents and had a very epic match against Orange Esports as well, emerging from the match as the winner and thus earning them a 5 win 0 losses record, similar to team iMpunity from Singapore. Hopes are mostly pinned on them to get the top prize, but, will they be able to successfully nab it? And that concludes all the current status of the foreign teams that are participating in the Garena HoN Star League.

The last day is coming soon, and I believe you're excited to see who'll turn out to be the best, and of course, the staffs are all excited about this as well, this is not only for the prize money, but also the pride as this is thus far, the Tournament with the biggest prize pool of 800,000THB(26,000USD) after all!

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