New Hero Spotlight: Artesia!

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Published on Monday, 09 January 2012 12:01

New EAP Hero



There was once a sorcerer and sorceress, kindreds spirits that would not be separated by mortal means, and so the fates would dictate that the immortal hand of death would grasp for one and leave the other be. Her lover gone, she remains lost in reverie, forever haunted yet blessed with his presence, yearning to reach into the very depths of hell to retrieve his soul.

1st Skill: Arcane Missile


 Target a location to fire a wisp that travels up to 1200 units from its origin.

On contact, deals 100/140/180/220 Magic Damage and inflicts 15% Movement Speed Slow.

Grants 280 clearvision around the wisp until it hits a target. Vision lingers for 1 second if a target is found.

2nd Skill: Dance of Death


Channel up to 3 seconds to heal yourself for {30,40,50,60} Health + {10,15,20,25}% of your Intelligence per second.

While performing the Dance of Death, you will generate and fire Arcane Bolts every {.7,.6,.5,.4} seconds.

Each second channeled will also add a charge to Arcane Missile, reducing its cooldown by 75% as long as charges remain.

3rd Skill: Arcane Bolts


On spellcast, release 2 Arcane Bolts that seek out random enemy heroes within 700 distance and dea l{25,40,55,70} Magic Damage each.

4th Skill: Essence Projection


Target a location to summon a Projection for 20 seconds.

The Projection grants nearby allies 20/30/40 Health and 10/15/20 Mana per second. Also grants 1600 day/night vision.

In addition, it will mirror your Arcane Missile casts and gain charges of Arcane Bolts as you do.

Damage from Essence Projection is 50/75/100% of damage from self. The Projection dies if it gets attacked 3/4/5 times.