[Solved]Issue with Exchanged Shells (Incorrect amount of coins)

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Published on Monday, 26 December 2011 12:51

Dear Players,

Our coin sales system experienced problems on the Dec 26 around 2:10am, and therefore the exchange rate went back to normal. We are in the midst of fixing this problem. We promise to return the players their lost coins.On the other hand, we would offer a compensation of 100 gold coins to ALL affected users of this incidient. This would be completed by 26 Dec 3:00pm.
We apologize for this issue and seek your understanding on this matter.

Update: This issue has been fixed. Both lost coins and compensation have been sent to affected players account. Please notice that only players who exchange shells during 2:27am to 12:55pm On 26 Dec were affected by this issue. 


Garena HoN Team