Christmas Sales Begin!

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Published on Monday, 19 December 2011 10:10

Merry Christmas from Merrick!


It’s the season to be jolly with our Christmas week! Every day we’ll be having a special discount of certain items in the store, so make use of this time to deck out your heroes and your game for an unforgettable gaming experience!


Golden Sunday (25 Dec to 27 Dec):

Merry Christmas everyone! To celebrate this golden day, we’ll be giving 50% bonus Gold Coins when you exchange them for Shells, as well as reopening some limited edition avatars! So if you missed them the first time, now’s your chance to grab them again!


Reopen List:

LeprachaunBlacksmith_48Leprechaun Blacksmith
ForsakenStrider_48Forsaken Strider
GoldenPebbles_48Golden Pebbles
BunnyPredator_48Bunny Predator
CommanderOfArms_48Commander of Arms
JadeWarrior_48Jade Warrior


Avatar Saturday:

If the plain vanilla heroes weren’t enough for you, show off their alter egos with Avatar Saturday! All alternate avatars will be at half gold price!


Heroic Friday:

It’s Heroic Friday, and there’s never been a better time to grab all the heroes you’ve been waiting for! All heroes will be going at a 30% gold discount.


Announcer Thursday:

Brace yourself for Announcer Thursday, as our announcers will be going at a 30% discount for that extra excitement in each game!


Bundled Wednesday:

Get into the cosy feeling of this Christmas season with our Bundled Wednesday! Today, we’ll be reopening some classic bundles at a 30% discounted price!


Taunting Tuesday:

Today is Taunting Tuesday! Make your enemies grit their teeth in frustration with our range of taunts in the store, which are going at a 50% discounted rate! The deal will be available for 20 Dec and excluding new Fist of Sol taunt.


Vanity Monday:

Day 1 (Dec 19) we are featuring 50% off ALL account vanity items. This includes all Icons, Name Colors and Symbols. The deal will be available for 19 Dec ONLY. Get your favorite vanity items today!