Healthy Gaming Week #1 - Compliment-A-Friend

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Published on Monday, 12 December 2011 12:07

We are approaching the end of 2011 with Christmas round the corner, it is time for us to thank and reminisce the great things that people around us have done for us this year and reward them with a little heart-warming act to express our appreciation and gratitude! To start off with the list of events coming up this joyous festive season, we are introducing the first Healthy Gaming Week ever, in Heroes of Newerth.

Our aim is to inculcate proper gaming etiquettes to players, reaching out to the community as a whole, fostering the practice of kindness and gratitude amongst the spirits of all players and at the same time, reward players who are reaching out positively.

Here's just what you need to do!

As a giver,
Reach out to the community and help players in need, be it in game or HoN Forums.

As a receiver,
Thank someone who have helped you limitlessly in a way or another, appreciate someone who made significant contribution to the community and benefited you.

Simply submit entries to Thank someone and he/she will be well rewarded! This is your chance to return the favour! 

How to submit:

Name of Player you would like to thank:
Your Message:

*Evidence and screenshot must clearly show what and how has that player helped you. 


5 Compliments – 100 Silver Coins + HoN Movement Account Icon
10 Compliments – 250 Silver Coins + HoN Movement Account Icon
15 Compliments – 400 Silver Coins + HoN Movement Account Icon
>20 Compliments – 600 Silver Coins + HoN Movement Account Icon

DEADLINE: 20th December 2011, 0000hrs (GMT +8)


Rules and Regulations

- Incomplete entries will not be entertained.
- Late entries will not be entertained.
- All entries must not contain any offensive or inappropriate content.
- Evidences may only be valid if given in the form of ORIGINAL screenshot.
- Description of evidences must described clearly.
- Each player may only Thank one player.
- Messages must NOT be more than 100 words.
- All prizes will be credited within 3 working days.
- The Judges' decision is final.