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Published on Tuesday, 06 December 2011 14:20

In lieu of the increasing nunber of phishing websites being created, we would like to remind and urge players NOT to enter their account details on unofficial websites such as those from Weebly.com andDot.TK

By entering your account details on these websites, you are allowing your account to be hijacked by someone else (i.e. Hacked).

Such websites usually display enticing pictures of prizes such as Legacy Account or Alternate Avatars. Players are advised to READ the URL of the website before proceeding.

Following are examples to allow you to differentiate between an Official Website and a Fake Website:

Official websites are registered under www.GARENA.com



List of OFFICIAL HoN Websites:


Vietnam: http://honvietnam.com/trang-chu

Philippines: http://hon.garena.ph/

Thailand: http://www.hon.in.th/

Indonesia: http://www.garena.co.id/


If you are a victim of a phishing website, you may submit a report to Account Support at http://intl.garena.com/support/
We will NOT entertain reports through Private Messages or In-Game Messages.

Garena Online will continue to take actions against these website owners. Thank you.

- HoN Game Masters