Patch 2.3.2 On 7 Dec

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Published on Tuesday, 06 December 2011 17:16

New Alt Avatar:

Father Time Chronos


Fallen Valkyrie*


*Available on 9 Dec

What is going to happen on 7 Dec:

When you log in Garena Heroes of Newerth, a message will popup and ask you to update your HoN. Click Yes and the game will be updated automatically.

In case the update message does not appear, hit Ctrl+F8 and type the command
Upd_checkforupdates 1


Expected Server Down Time:

7:00AM to 9:59AM, GMT+8, 7 Dec 2011


Full Change Log:

Version 2.3.2

- Added a new Chronos Alt Avatar: Father Time Chronos
* Voiced by the most epic Old Man ever
* Will be available to purchase on the 2nd

* You can check out his original concept art at

Version 2.3.1
- Fixed Flux's Magnetic Surge
- You now join stream chat channels when going to them in HoN TV, not just when going to them via notification
- Stream chat channels are no longer single user in size