50% off All Female Avatars

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Published on Thursday, 10 November 2011 11:08


Greetings Heroes!

Brighten your day, because it’s Loy Kratong, Thailand’s Festival of Lights! Celebrate this joyful occasion by making use of this promotion! Get these female avatars (excluding Demented Witch, Death Metal Rhapsody and Cleopatra Pharaoh) at a 50% discount off their Gold Coin price! Choose from the following femme fatales:

Queen_Arachna_48Queen Arachna
Mage_Empath_48Mage Empath
Roise_Engineer_48Rosie Engineer
Femal_Glacius_48Female Glacius
Helga_Hammerstorm_48Helga Hammerstorm
Sexy_Moonqueen_48Sexy Moon Queen
Female_Pyromancer_48Female Pyromancer
Mist_Runner_Scout_48Mist Runner Scout
White_Lotus_Silhouette_48White Lotus Silhouette
MSIvy_Slither_48MSIvy Slither
Naughty_Succubus_48Naughty Succubus
Wretched_Hottie_48Wretched Hottie
Dyrad_Warden_48Dryad Warden

This promotion will run from 10th - 13th November, so grab your female avatars now!