I heart Thailand Charity Drive

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Published on Thursday, 03 November 2011 16:22


Dear Heroes,

Most of the time, we’re only heroes in game. Today, we’re calling everyone to be a hero in real life. Over in Thailand, citizens are suffering the effects of the worst flood encountered in 50 years, with a death toll of almost 400.

Here at Garena HoN, we’d like to lend our support to Thailand. From now till 30th November, we will have a special sale for the I ♥ Thailand icon. All revenue from the sale of this icon will be donated to TV Media "Channel 3", which is a major TV companies in Thailand. Channel 3 dedicated to aiding flood victims.

Let’s show our compassion to the citizens of a fellow ASEAN country! Purchase your I ♥ Thailand icon and wear it with pride today!

The Garena HoN Team