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Published on Thursday, 27 October 2011 08:37


Newerth has been haunted...

Patch 2.2.4 is a halloween theme patch.


New Alt Avatar:

Ronin Swiftblade


New Alt Courier

Nyan Cat Courier


Update Installation Fails / Crashes At White Progress Bar


It is important to keep your Windows-installation up-to-date, so use Windows Update and install all the available patches and service packs!

If this doesn't help, try the following:

Select Windows 95 compatibility mode in order to update (de-select it after the updating process has finished):
1. right-click the icon for the program
2. click Properties
3. click the Compatibility tab.
4. set Compatibility mode to "Windows 95"
5. click Apply and OK

If you are using XFire make sure to quit any instance of it before trying to update.

Open the task manager and make sure no other instance of HoN is running. If there is, kill it.

Run HoN as an Administrator and install it directly into your HDD's root (e.g. C:\).

If you still cannot get HoN to update properly, please make a new post on the


Full Change Log:

Version 2.2.4


Newerth has been haunted...

- The same rune can no longer spawn twice in a row!
- Fixed items being delivered from the courier backwards
- Fixed up some voices and sounds to not be as loud or jarring

== Items ==

Revelation Wards: Starts off 0 of 6 in the shop with a 90 second cooldown
Wards of Sight: Starts off 2 of 4 with a cooldown of 2 mins 30 seconds

== Heroes ==

- Added a new Alt Avatar: Ronin Swiftblade
- Gladius Beardicus has some new effects added

- Starting base damage from 38-52 to 40-50

- Regurgitate given a linger time of 0.5 seconds on the damage portion (the slow part already had it)
- Lowered damage on Regurgitate from 40/65/90/115 to 30/55/80/105 (the total amount of damage becomes roughly the same total damage because of the linger)
- Demonic Pathogen manacost from 115/125/135/145 to 105/110/115/120
- Corpse Conversation requires 3/6/9/12 corpses now where 3 gives you 2 minions

- Damage range from 39-51 to 41-49

- Double-Activating Ice Imprisonment will cast on yourself now
- Increased radius on each instance of Glacial Downpour from 190 to 350
- Decreased damage from 105/170/250 to 60/100/140 (170/250/310 to 100/140/180 when using Staff of the Master)
* Basically gives the ultimate less randomness

- Berserk is no longer purgable or transferable

- More Axes mana cost from 30 to 25
- Matraxe health gain from 20 to 20/25/30

- Ophelia’s Judgment teleport from 5.7/4.7/3.7/2.7 to 6/5/4/3
- Command movespeed buff from 0/15/30/45 to 0/10/20/30

- Starting base damage from 39-53 to 41-51
- Whiplash no longer gives passive base damage increase
- Fixed Voodoo Puppet to only do bonus damage to the target (It was also doing bonus damage to the puppet)
- Voodoo Puppet no longer has magic armor

- Summon Hellhounds damage increased from 18/29/37/46 to 20/29/38/47
- Summon Hellhounds armor increased from 0 to 2

== Bugfixes ==

- Night Hound's stealth is no longer scripted badly
- Drunken Master Lunge and Kraken Torrent now check for being stunned in a more efficient way

Barbed Armor
- Made its activation not break channeling

Dust of Revelation
- Set frontqueue, inheritmovement and noninterrupting to true
* This means you will no longer 'hitch' or pause when using it

Mock of Brilliance
- Made the toggle not break channeling

- Fixed Aurora hitting a bit behind her

- Fixed Spiderling so it dies properly when the target that it's supposed to hit gets deleted

Blood Hunter
- Fixed a bug where attacks/spells/items targeting yourself and/or allied heroes will put the Feast state on them

- Fixed Bubbles' Shell Surf hitting units behind him
- Optimized his Kelp Field's scripting in the distance check
- Fixed small typo in his Song of the Sea

Forsaken Archer
- Fixed interactions with Magebane's Mana Rift

- Fixed a bug where Hammerstorm's projectile stunned at the target's new position if they disjointed on the same frame that the projectile impacts

- Fixed Lion's Pride effects playing through fog

Monarch_20_20 Monarch
- Fixed an effect playing through fog

Monkey King
- Fixed his Illusive Dash's state expiration so it won't displace Monkey King with the second dash if Monkey King is invulnerable at the time the state expires

- Fixed Defile so it doesn't consume any charges if you hit a building

- Fixed a super-rare bug where she and her illusion got double the Death Lotus kunai if she respawned on the same frame the skill went off cooldown