Patch 2.2.3 On 19 Oct

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Published on Tuesday, 18 October 2011 12:31

New Gold Collection Avatar:

Gladius Beardicus


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He will only be available for one week, so don't miss your chance to get him

What is going to happen on 19 Oct:

When you log in Garena Heroes of Newerth, a message will popup and ask you to update your HoN. Click Yes and the game will be updated automatically.

In case the update message does not appear, hit Ctrl+F8 and type the command 
Upd_checkforupdates 1


Expected Server Down Time:

7:00AM to 9:59AM, GMT+8, 19 Oct 2011


Full Change Log:

Version 2.2.3


- When night to day or day to night transitions occur in game, the game will now play a sound to indicate the transition
* A rooster crows for the night to day transition, and a wolf howls for the day to night transition

- Teleporting states in grimms now persist after death (So if you click it and die your body will go over as the effects show)
- Fixed courier upgrading not counting for GPM calculations
- UI script environment stack overflow is no longer a fatal error
- Updated the Herodex to not be broken
- Fixed Geomancer and Cthulhuphant icons
- Fixed up Logger's Hatchet sounds

- Added a Gold Collection Alt Avatar: Gladius Beardicus
* He will only be available for one week, so don't miss your chance to get him


== Heroes and Items ==

Portal Key
- Removed minrange of 200

- Fixed his Path of Destruction so that the meteor heals himself if he is magic immune

- Now doesn't teleport to (0,0) if the target she's inside gets deleted instead of killed/dying regularly
- Prevents silly things like Vindicator's aura from silencing her if she pops out of a hero

Monarch_20_20 Monarch
- Moved to Legion

Monkey King
- Fixed his Illusive Dash's state expiration so it won't displace Monkey King with the second dash if Monkey King is invulnerable at the time the state expires.
- Also optimized the stun-check tag

Night Hound
- Made his ultimate toggle-able so the player can creep pull and neutral without any tedious spam-clicking

- Fixed an issue where Mirage Strike was checking for the wrong target for invulnerability
- Fixed Mirage Strike so that the illusion dies after 0.5s (via the death state) when the proxy_entity dies (the thing that the illusion is attacking) rather than lingering for ~3 seconds standing still & doing nothing.
- Fixed True Strike and Mirage Strike so they don't play through fog

- Fixed an onframe-infest bug so the Infested target dies properly if the Infest projectile impacts on the same frame as Parasite's death

Plague Rider
- Added a visual AoE indicator to Contagion upon hovering the cast cursor over the target

Sand Wraith
- Optimized Desert's Curse
- Fixed a small issue so that the illusion dies properly if the target the illusion was attacking gets deleted
- Readjusted values on Mirage so they match the new illusion lifetimes (4/4.5/5 seconds)

== Tooltip fixes==

- (Bombardier) Sticky bomb deals magic damage
- (Bombardier) Bombard deals magic damage
- (Electrician) Cleansing shock deals true damage to summons
- (Fayde) Burning Shadows deals magic damage
- (Ra) Ashes to Ashes deals magic damage
- (Puzzlebox Mauler) Last Stand deals true damage