Patch 2.1.8 New Store Items

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Published on Tuesday, 13 September 2011 07:40



Sub_Zero_Accursed_50 Sub Zero Accursed

"Death is the beginning of the long journey." Sub Zero Accursed sales as 450 gold coins or 560 silver coins.


Dark_Jeraziah_50_50 Dark Jeraziah

"This world would be mine!!!" Dark jeraziah sales as 225 gold coins or 560 silver coins.


Heavy_Metal_Taunt_50_50 Heavy Metal Taunt

Smash your opponents' heads in with the Heavy Metal Taunt. Heavy Metal Taunt sales as 500 gold coins or 1000 silver coins.


Nyan_Cat_Courier_50_50Nyan Cat Courier 

Complete with a box of HoN Tarts that brings out his true form when upgraded. This courier will come soon!