Heroes of the World, Unite!

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Published on Wednesday, 07 September 2011 19:21


It is with great pride that we look forward to this weekend’s WCG 2011 Event! Players from various nations will be participating in this momentous occasion. But for the rest of us who aren’t in the running for the championship, or can’t make it to cheer on our comrades, we can still lend them our support from the comfort of our own homes!


Tournament Stream and Live Updates

Day 1 stream and live updates please visit http://hon.garena.com/news-article/178!

Day 2 stream and live updates please visit http://hon.garena.com/news-article/179!

Matchmaker’s Money

Players who use our matchmaking system this weekend will receive double Silver Coins after the game from 9th Sep to 11th Sep!

Dazzle with the Dampeer

Between 8:00pm and 10:00pm this weekend, we’ll be having special offers for each day in Merrick’s shop!

On Friday, the Dampeer Hero Symbol will be free to purchase. On Saturday, the Dampeer hero will be free to purchase, and finally, the Vacation Dampeer alternate avatar will be free to purchase! Don’t miss this opportunity!

Country Call to Arms

Show your support for your nation in the WCG by posting in our forums or in our Facebook event page, saying “I Support [Country]” with the corresponding country flag as your icon! This event will start 13:00pm on 9th Sep. Please submit  at


The first 50 participants in  our forum thread or our Facebook event page will each be granted a 2-day Legacy account! Hurry and show your patriotism now!

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