Avatar Superstar Sale Begins

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Published on Thursday, 01 September 2011 17:59


Calling all Heroes!

Tired of seeing the same old boring avatars for Rampage, the Plague Rider and the Drunken Master? Avatar aficionados, it’s time to collect their new alternate avatars!

Be a unique snowflake, sending a chill down your enemies’ spines, and freezing them in their tracks with the Frost Rider, who, in our opinion, is really… cool.

The Drunken Master decided to move to the country, but he just can’t stop his addiction to alcohol. This redneck tends to get into difficult situations when he guzzles too much beer, hence his new moniker, the Hillbilly Brawler.

Rampage decided to work on his tough, scary persona and become more peace-loving. After a much-needed makeover and a dash of DIVAAAAAA, the new Rainbow Rampage is utterly FABULOUS! This Community Avatar Winner is only available as part of the Extreme Melee Alt bundle.