Malaysia WCG 2011 Final

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Published on Monday, 29 August 2011 19:32

The first ever online HON tournament for Malaysia was successfully hosted on 13 Aug 2011 as the pre-elimination for Singapore WCG 2011.

With some delays, it started at 11:00AM at Garena office in Malaysia, the tournament attracted more than 32 teams nationwide. Some of the games did bring lots of surprise and exciting moments for both participants.

The pre-elimination rounds ended at 5pm and last best 8 teams standing is eligible for the HON WCG Qualifier 2011 are TEAM MUFC, ESB, NK, 5D's, Pyro, BZK, FTS and Orange Esports.

The remaining final best of 8 teams is held offline at Orange Internet Cafe, Wangsa Maju branch which started at 9.30am on 20 Aug.

Finally , MUFC, a team from Kuala Lumpur has showed their domination all the way to the final best of 3 teams, climbing to 1st place, and undoubtedly will be the representative for Malaysia for Singapore WCG HoN Tournament.




Team MUFC and Orange Esports standing


Team 5D's standing by

Interview with  MUFC

Q1: How is your feeling after being crowned as the Champion of Malaysia Qualifers in WCG Singapore 2011?
A1: We are very pleased and excited because we can represent Malaysia to participate WCG SG 2011.

Q2: How did you guys manage to do it? Have you guys been training really hard before the tournaments?
A2: We didn't actually have not time for training. In fact, we had less than 10 rounds of training. But we improve our skill through tmm or in house training.

Q3: Stomping through the Qualifiers right to the Finals, how are your thoughts and feelings like?
A3: We put 100% of focus and effort in every tournament and also respect every opponent as well.

Q4: You guys are actually going to meet all the region top teams in Singapore for WCG Singapore 2011 Finals, how do you guys feel at the moment?
A4: We are looking forward to face all top elite opponent from the regions, eager to meet especially the world famous team, DSKB team. Furthermore, this is our first time of participating overseas tournament. Therefore, we will fully utilize the remaining time to do the best prepared to go all out. Hence, we will do our best this time!

Q5: What brings you to Heroes of Newerth and what do you like about Heroes of Newerth?
A5: Actually it was my friend who introduced me to play HON which is the boss of MUFC Esports! The graphic of HON is very nice and precisely. Meanwhile, the Heroes' skills and the function of reconnecting after DC are the reasons why I like HON so much.
Lastly, I would like to express our appreciation to sponsor, MUFC Chika and Garena as well to sponsor us for this Singapore trip, and not forgetting our supportive fans too.​​​​