New Bundles on 12th Aug

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Published on Thursday, 11 August 2011 17:12

Dear Players,

We have added some great bundles for you ! Catch them now!

- One Shot One Kill :

I have the ability to wipe the floor with you in one spell!! Bundle includes Female Pyromancer and Pimp Slayer.

- Never Walk Alone:

The heroes that never lets you off when you're alone! Bundle includes Sexy Moon Queen, Sachi Swiftblade.

- Bearded Death:

Fear the lords of the Newerth! This Bundle includes King Ra, Mountain Tundra and Thor Thunderbringer.

- Demonic Destruction:

Arising from the Damned to send chills down your spine! This Bundle includes Raven Soulstealer, Phantom Defiler and Grim Reaper.

- Royal Status Bundle:

All that you need for the rise to royalty. Appear above Diamond Blue players! This Bundle includes Taunt and Royal Tanzanite Color.

Please note that all previous bundles will cease to be on sale tonight, 11th August, at 23:59. List is as follow:

Rough Rider
Silent and Deadly
Fire Bundle
Thor and Winston Bundle
The Hat Trick
Unicorn Stampede
Soulstealer Bundle
Splash Pack
Tempest Bundle
The Grab Bag
Amo Avatars
Arachna Affection
Femme Fatale bundle
Diamond Status Bundle
M is for Magic
In your Face
The Lady Bundle
Global Alt Ulti
Bag O' Bugs

Catch them now before they're gone!


- Garena Heroes of Newerth Team