25% Off All Alt Hero and Courier Avatars

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Published on Friday, 22 July 2011 07:09


Hello Heroes!

With the number of active players achieving a new milestone in our Garena HoN history, we decided to reward you guys with a weekend sale to thank you all for your support.

It’s the Shapeshifter Sale! For this weekend only, we’ll be having a 25% discount off all alternate hero and courier avatars. Have you been getting tired of the wretched hag, and eyeing that sizzling wretched hottie? Do you prefer penguins over monkeys? This is the time to spend those hard-earned coins!

This promotion will be implemented with tomorrow’s patch, and will last till Sunday, 24th July, 23:59 GMT+8. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity! Merrick’s waiting for you in the shop now!

Once again, we thank you guys for your loyal support of Garena HoN.

The HoN Support Team