GCA HoN Program

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Published on Monday, 18 July 2011 21:37



Dear Players,

Garena Cybercafe Alliance HoN program is coming!!! Please note that GCA HoN is a different part under GCA.

This program provides you with free VIP status while playing Garena HoN in cafes which are members of the GCA HoN. Experience the benefits of HoN’s VIP status, including:

1. Host on VIP servers

2. Earlier access to new heroes

3. Gold Shield status

4. Taunt abilities

5. Priority access to games


Free trials for the GCA HoN are available now! Ask the owners of your favourite cybercafé to click on the following link to apply for the free trial of GCA HoN. Once they’ve become a member, all gamers will have HoN VIP will playing in that café. Do note that we are only selectively giving out the free trials. If you successfully refer a café owner to GCA HoN ( free trial or paid), you will receive 1 month worth of HoN VIP as a reward!


For Singapore café owners, please click HERE to apply.

For Malaysia café owners, we have already selected 80 cafes for the first round of free trial. To apply for the next batch of free trial please click HERE.

For Philippines café owners, please click HERE to apply.

To find out more about the GCA HoN, please click HERE for an introduction.

GCA HoN is a new program under the original GCA. If you are already part of the GCA which provides Gold Membership, you would still need to apply for GCA HoN to gain the above benefits.


The HoN Team